BKube: the Nice-based startup that strengthens the cyber-resilience of companies


Founded in 2020, BKube is an innovative company specializing in data backup. The company has just launched a revolutionary secure and automated backup solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs).

At a time when cyber threats are on the rise, the solution offered by BKube, based in Nice, is a real asset for companies of all sizes looking to strengthen their cyber-resilience.

Sophie Benyamin, co-founder and CEO of BKube, explains how this turnkey solution, which takes the form of a box (as shown in the image below) and includes two redundancies on the cloud and backup monitoring, enables companies to protect themselves against the devastating consequences of cyberattacks by guaranteeing data restoration and ensuring business continuity.

Can you describe the innovative data backup solution offered by BKube?

Our backup box allows all types of businesses (SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises) to protect their data from cyber attacks by ensuring data restoration.

Based on disruptive innovation, the box is invisible and silent on the network, making it invulnerable to attacks.

Our goal was to provide even the smallest businesses with a cyber-resilience tool that is accessible without any particular knowledge of IT.

The BKube box is turnkey and therefore deployable in all small and medium-sized businesses that do not always have internal resources to ensure the security of their data and respond quickly to the damage caused by cyber attacks.

Backups are performed locally on the box and replicated on two secure cloud sites hosted in France. This way, our backups address all types of IT risks, including cyber attacks, human error, hardware failure, or even disasters such as floods or fires, with data restoration from a backup stored externally on our cloud.

Our backup solutions comply with ANSSI’s requirements for professional backups, including the 3-2-1 rule, which is 3 backups, 2 stored externally, and 1 on-site. All of this in a turnkey product that is easy to install and monitor.

Building on our disruptive innovation, we also support intermediate-sized enterprises by directly installing our solution on their servers for larger storage capacities.

Our subscriptions range from 1TB to 4TB, and for larger backup capacity, we offer customized quotes.

What sets your backup system apart from other solutions?

Our disruptive innovation, which required two years of research and development, as well as the past year with our first test clients, validated the product in all types of infrastructures, and also co-built a simple application for monitoring backups by the client.

This first distinctive element is due to our proprietary protocol developed in-house, which we fully control from end to end.

Thanks to this, the box is ‘invisible’ and ‘silent’, making it undetectable and protected from malicious acts by hackers.

Finally, no modifications are allowed on the backups made, only new data can be added to the saved content.

We wanted to offer our service through a subscription without commitment.

What are your ambitions?

Our primary ambition is to cover the national territory as quickly as possible. Currently, we are present in the SUD region – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and in Île-de-France.

We are currently developing our network of resellers to build a strong network that can help us access the national level more quickly.

In addition, we are also in the process of preparing a fundraising campaign that will allow us to accelerate our commercial development and recruit about ten people.

In the medium to long term, we also plan to export our solution internationally

What are the benefits of the Nice Côte d’Azur ecosystem for startups?

We are very happy to be based in the Nice Côte d’Azur area.

It is a dynamic region with a multitude of professional events, connected to the international community, and there are many initiatives that support the development of startups and innovation.

The presence of startups and associations such as Nice Starts Up or French Tech Côte d’Azur Région Sud are all assets that allow us to quickly find our place in a human-sized territory and foster close relationships with economic actors.

Furthermore, in 2021, the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis supported us in finding premises that met our new needs and allowed us to be in direct proximity to the international business district of Grand Arenas in Nice.

What is the environmental impact and social commitment of BKube?

We are very attentive to our environmental impact. The box is mainly manufactured in France using French suppliers to prioritize local supply chains.

This is also reflected in our choice of cloud hosting, as we choose hardware based on performance criteria as well as its environmental impact, with the best possible energy efficiency.

We are also signatories of the Parity Pact of French Tech Côte d’Azur, a commitment that is important to us because the company is mostly owned by women.

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