WiziShop Puts Artificial Intelligence at the Service of E-merchants


WiziShop, based in Nice, has been specialized in e-commerce since 2008. The company is launching a new innovative application called Pizi. This application uses artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the creation of product sheets for e-merchants.

A practical tool for e-merchants

For over sixteen years, WiziShop has been supporting e-merchants in their activities by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs. With the rapid evolution of the sector, the creation of product sheets remains a time-consuming and essential task.

Pizi aims to address this issue by automating the process through artificial intelligence, thus enabling e-merchants to save valuable time.

The Pizi application transforms a photo into a complete and optimized product sheet in a few automated steps:

  • Rapid transformation of photos into product sheets: Pizi allows to convert a photo into a professional product sheet in less than a minute.
  • Optimization of SEO: The application helps to improve the SEO of the product sheets, in compliance with Google’s requirements.
  • Multilingual accessibility: Pizi can create product sheets in 10 different languages, thus facilitating access to international markets.
  • Fast exportation: Possibility to publish the product sheets instantly on the online store.

With Pizi, the creation of a product sheet takes an average of 45 seconds, compared to 1h20 for an expert and up to 3 hours for a beginner.

A significant contribution to e-commerce

Grégory Beyrouti, founder and CEO of WiziShop, explains that “We understand the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. Our mission has always been to simplify e-commerce for our clients. With Pizi, we are taking a new step by eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to online sales: the creation of quality product sheets. Pizi is our answer to their need for speed and efficiency in creation. We are not only saving time for our users; we are also improving the quality of their content, which results in better performance online.

The Pizi application is free for WiziShop users. For others, it is available at 19,99€ per month or 119,99€ per year. It can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

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