Firecell and its partners at the heart of an industrial 5G experimentation

firecell nice 5g

Key Points

  1. Launch of the first industrial 5G experimentation on an Airbus Atlantic site.
  2. Collaboration between Firecell, Orange and Miodex to deploy the GEO5G solution on an Airbus Atlantic site.

Firecell, a Nice-based innovative player in the industrial 5G sector, has reached a crucial milestone by launching, in partnership with Orange (private 5G network) and Miodex, the first experimentation of 5G technology on an Airbus Atlantic site at the end of March.

This initiative is based on the use of the GEO5G solution (winner of the 5G acceleration plan within the framework of France 2030), which allows for precise management of location and data flows in an industrial environment.

With a planned implementation in the second half of 2024, this project is strategic for optimizing assembly processes through advanced tool geolocation.

A strategic collaboration for tangible innovation:

The combination of skills between Firecell, Orange and Miodex illustrates a model of cooperation that promotes open innovation. Olivier Dhotel of Firecell emphasizes the potential impact of this technology on the flexibility of industrial production and automation, while François Jezequel, Director of Business and Development at Orange, highlights the importance of 5G for the digital transformation of companies. Laurent Legendre, Regional Director Ile de France Airbus Development, and Cyrille Mielczarek, Managing Director of Miodex, also mention the substantial advantages of this initiative for the sector in terms of geolocation, traceability of operations and data security.

Fundraising for Firecell:

At the end of March 2024, Firecell closed a fundraising round of 6.6 million euros to continue its development in Europe, particularly in Germany, and to expand its team. The participation of venture capital firms such as Ventech and Matterwave Ventures, as well as Bpifrance and Bouygues Telecom Initiatives, testifies to the market’s confidence in the potential of the solution proposed by Firecell.

Sources: Firecell & Miodex

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