Qiti harnesses AI to better secure international travelers

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Qiti, an innovative company labeled as “deeptech”, positions itself at the forefront of technology by using a combination of advanced technologies to revolutionize the experience of international travelers.

At the intersection of insurtech and traveltech, this Nice-based startup offers a unique solution that enhances and secures every step of the journey. It thus addresses the changing needs and challenges faced by modern travelers and international businesses.

Founded two years ago, the company now has 14 employees.

Interview with Christophe BREMARD, Founding President of Qiti. (on the left in the photo)

What is the genesis of Qiti and its positioning in the insurance and travel market?

Qiti was founded in September 2021 in Nice, in a post-Covid context marked by major upheavals in the travel world. Travelers were then faced with a multitude of challenges, especially regarding insurance and access to reliable information.

My meeting with Guillaume Dion, an expert in artificial intelligence (on the right in the photo), was the catalyst. Together, we identified an opportunity: to use digitalization to address these issues. Our vision was to combine the fields of insurtech and traveltech.

While insurance is a central element of our offering, our application goes much beyond that. It uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a range of services, alerts, and emergency information while being tailored to the specific needs of travelers, based on the countries visited and the traveler’s nationality.

What are the main benefits for users?

Our application is the result of a combination of advanced technologies: artificial intelligence, geolocation, machine learning, and automation.

This synergy allows Qiti to provide real-time information and alerts tailored to the user’s location and situation. For example, in case of an emergency, the user can quickly locate the nearest police station or obtain the contact information for their consulate or embassy. Furthermore, the application analyzes the user’s personal situation to provide advice on necessary coverage, thus avoiding “over-insurance.”

We are also in the process of adding a feature that locates all available defibrillators nearby, further strengthening our commitment to ensuring travelers’ safety.

Since our launch, our offering has expanded. It caters to both individuals and professionals. We offer monthly subscriptions tailored to the duration of the trip. Furthermore, we address the security needs of businesses for their employees abroad by developing customized solutions.

How do your partnerships strengthen your offering?

Our collaboration with the INRIA center at the University Côte d’Azur has placed us at the forefront of innovation in generative artificial intelligence. Long before the enthusiasm generated by ChatGPT, our version, “Qiti GPT,” paved the way for the emergence of a generative AI specialized in the protection of policyholders and travelers to anticipate and proactively address their needs.

In the insurance domain, we have entered into a partnership with Allianz Travel, providing us with a leading-edge in insurance-related matters, as well as strength and credibility. Indeed, the support of a major player like Allianz Travel ensures our users reliable and robust coverage, whether it’s for a short-term trip or an expatriation of several years.

How does your presence in Nice influence your development?

The Côte d’Azur, and particularly the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, is a dynamic region with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a fertile ground for the development of Qiti.

We have been able to benefit from the support of local partners such as the PACA Est Incubator, the Sud Region, INRIA, Bpifrance, and BPMed, which have played and continue to play a crucial role in our growth.

Being based in Nice is a competitive advantage for our development. Indeed, Nice is internationally recognized, sought after not only for its pleasant climate but also for its ability to support innovations. This makes it easier to recruit high-level talent, whether they are local or international.

With its international airport, Nice also provides excellent connectivity to the rest of the world, facilitating business travel and international collaborations, especially in the context of our international development.

What are your development projects?

Our priority is to attract new users with our new application, which was unveiled at Vivatech 2023, and to expand our international presence.

Our latest funding round in April 2023 has provided us with the resources necessary to continue pursuing our vision.

We are considering a new fundraising round in the coming months to support our international expansion and strengthen our presence in key markets.

Currently, Qiti operates in 105 countries and provides its services to a customer base consisting of 70 different nationalities. Our ambition is to become the trusted partner for all travelers, regardless of their origins and destinations.

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