Nice: TINA Positions Itself as an Innovative Actor in IT Support

TINA, co-founded in Nice by six partners, aims to pool their IT experiences and expertise from major groups to benefit a wider range of businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Leveraging its co-founders’ experience, TINA specializes in consulting, auditing, training, and assisting SMEs in digital transformation, as well as supporting healthcare facilities in managing their IT resources.

TINA seeks to stand out in the sector with a tailored approach, great flexibility, and easy access to a range of experts by introducing the concept of CIO as A Service.

Interview with Brahim Agrebi, co-founder and CEO of TINA.

How was the idea of TINA conceived?

TINA, short for ‘There is no alternative’, is a human adventure born from a deep reflection on the gaps in the IT services market, driven by its six partners.

We aim to meet the need to adapt to a constantly evolving world, both technologically and in terms of business transformations.

As experienced professionals in innovation and consulting, we wanted to go against the grain of standardized offers and mere technical assistance. Our varied experiences taught us that these offers don’t always meet the specific needs of SMEs, thus creating a ‘digital desert’ for these crucial economic players.

With TINA, our ambition was to create a company that stands out with its personalized approach and commitment to its clients. We wanted to provide a service that goes beyond technology, encompassing digital strategy consulting, compliance and governance audits, training in new practices, awareness of digital issues, and innovation.

TINA is the result of this desire to renew the traditional IT consulting framework with a more flexible, needs-oriented alternative.

What are the specifics and strengths of TINA’s offering?

Our goal is to democratize access to high-quality IT services, previously reserved for large companies with significant budgets.

Our approach is systemic approach. We offer access to experts covering all aspects of information systems. This allows our clients to benefit from a comprehensive support without needing a full-time IT team, a concept known as CIO as A Service This is particularly valuable for SMEs looking to optimize resources and digital assets, encompassing both business and technological needs.

The subscription model we offer is designed to be flexible and cost-effective. With a simple subscription, our clients gain access to a complete technological ecosystem, including virtual workstations, business management and collaborative tools, CRM and ERP solutions, as well as a private cloud. This is offered at an attractive price for startups and small businesses, ensuring security and GDPR compliance. Our ecosystem is fully compatible with health data hosting (HDS) requirements and the NIS2 standard.

TINA is also an information and resource hub. For companies, especially those without internal IT expertise, access to reliable and relevant information is crucial. We also offer training (enterprise architecture, project management, agile methods, DevSecOps, TOGAF, security, etc.) and advice to help clients navigate the increasingly complex technology world.

From this platform, we developed an initial LMS offering for professional and school training, facilitating the life of trainers and learners with virtual PCs in “virtual classrooms” for real-time interactions. The goal is to help trainers, schools, and higher education institutions better manage exchanges and interactions with students, extending the learning environment beyond training.

This innovative platform meets the needs of various sectors, including healthcare, offering secure health data hosting (HDS) solutions. Our technological foundation offers exceptional interoperability, scalability, security, data redundancy reduction, and other advantages, helping clinical and hospital groups reduce costs by avoiding investment in expensive technologies.

We position ourselves as a strategic partner to help our clients leverage technology to grow their business.

Why did you choose the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis?

Our choice of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is part of a growth and innovation strategy. It’s not just about location; it’s a deliberate decision aligned with our long-term vision.

Firstly, proximity to key players, like the CHU of Nice, is a major asset. This proximity allows us to form significant collaborations, essential for our development.

Secondly, we sought a dynamic environment, and Nice offers this entrepreneurial vitality. We wanted to break from monotony, and the metropolis offers this opportunity. It’s a place where innovation and development converge, creating an ecosystem conducive to our company’s growth.

Lastly, the metropolis’s influence and connectivity are crucial. The proximity to the airport, for example, facilitates our international ambitions, particularly in the Francophone Africa region.

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis represents for us a perfect balance between local dynamism and global openness, an ideal setting for innovation and growth.

How does the local ecosystem stimulate your growth?

Our journey in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis has been marked by a series of collaborations and supports crucial for our growth.

We have benefited from an environment conducive to innovation, thanks to our collaboration with Jean-François Chapperon and Sana Bouyahia from Team Nice Côte d’Azur. This collaboration allowed us to co-construct and exchange ideas, thus strengthening our capacity to innovate and develop, not only locally but also internationally, particularly in North and West Africa.

Moreover, our involvement in networks like the Initiative Nice Côte d’Azur network has been a significant lever. These exchanges offered us perspectives and opportunities to extend our expertise.

What are your development prospects?

Our development prospects reflect our commitment to innovation and international expansion. We envision significant growth, especially in extending our influence to the Maghreb, West Africa, and South America. Our goal is to bring differentiating solutions to these regions, addressing the specific needs of these markets and scalability issues in each country.

Additionally, we continue to offer our expertise in training and digital transformation consulting. Our innovative cloud platform, which facilitates training management, is an example of our ability to develop differentiating tools and continuously innovate, while staying true to our core expertise and beliefs.

Finally, we are exploring new horizons, particularly in the field of video games and serious games. This initiative reflects our willingness to step out of our comfort zone and innovate in areas where we can bring unique added value.

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