Animal Health: Affaire de Santé PetCare Establishes Presence in Nice

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Affaire de Santé PetCare, a company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for animal health, was established in November 2023.

Its first product, AnticiPets, is a connected device for early diagnosis of urinary pathologies in pets.

This innovation marks a significant advance in real-time monitoring of animal health, significantly impacting both veterinarians and pet owners.

Affaire de Santé PetCare aims to contribute to the development of veterinary telemedicine and establish itself as a major player in this sector.

Interview with Henri NESCI, Co-founder and CEO of Affaire de Santé PetCare.

What is the origin of Affaire de Santé PetCare and your AnticiPets solution?

Affaire de Santé PetCare’s creation is a strategic continuation of Affaire de Santé, a company with over a decade’s reputation in human health, specializing in digital communication and organizing scientific events for the pharmaceutical industry, learned societies, and patient associations.

This experience has helped us better understand the challenges in the health sector and the importance of technological innovation.

The idea to expand into animal health came from a personal experience, similar to many startups today. Several family members own pets, and a relative’s dog suffered from a urinary pathology.

This situation highlighted a gap in early diagnosis for pets. With our expertise in human health, we saw a unique opportunity to transfer our knowledge to animal health.

For over a year, we have been rigorously working on this project, starting with a comprehensive market study to validate our concept and forming a multidisciplinary team combining veterinary, IT, legal, and commercial skills.

Our current team of seven members reflects a diversity of expertise essential to our success.

We also partnered with an Azur-based design office to develop our prototype.

Moreover, collaborating with the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort has been a cornerstone of our approach. Through their support and scientific validationn they bring credibility to our initiative

How does AnticiPets position itself, and what are its strengths?

AnticiPets is a connected paramedical device for the early diagnosis of urinary pathologies in pets. AnticiPets is designed to improve animal health and moreover its well-being.

Our solution combines advanced hardware and intuitive software for real-time monitoring of common animal pathologies.

In creating AnticiPets, we aim to transform the animal health market by offering an integrated solution benefiting both veterinarians and pet owners.

This approach positions Affaire de Santé PetCare as a key player in veterinary telemedicine, bringing an innovative approach to the sector.

Integrating a dashboard for veterinarians allows them to receive statistics directly on their dashboard whenever a pet owner performs a test. This enables better management of individual cases and quicker intervention if necessary, as time is often critical in managing these pathologies, both medically and cost-wise.

Initially targeting animal health professionals, we establish a solid base before expanding to the general public.

Our offering is designed to complement veterinary practice.

We also considered the economic aspect for pet owners. Veterinary expenses can quickly accumulate, often between 600 and 1,000 euros per year for a cat or dog.
Our tool aims to optimize these costs by enabling quicker and more accurate diagnoses, potentially avoiding unnecessary visits for owners while allowing veterinarians to optimize their schedules and maintain remote patient loyalty.

Why choose the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis for your company’s development?

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis stands out as a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly conducive to the development of innovative startups like ours.

It’s not just a territory known for its tourist appeal but a true economic hub.

Firstly, access to various forms of aid (funding and subsidies) and training programs led by professional coaches plays a crucial role for a young company like ours.

This environment allows us to progress with greater confidence in the initial development phases.

Moreover, the network of economic actors, potential distributors, and partners is robust and easily accessible, thanks to regularly organized networking events.

The presence of major veterinary laboratories in the region offers unique collaboration and partnership opportunities, essential for a company looking to innovate in animal health.

We are also supported by the Provence Côte d’Azur Incubator and are members of the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster.

This institutional support is invaluable for a growing startup.

Additionally, the quality of life in Nice is another major asset. The city is recognized as particularly pet-friendly, aligning perfectly with our business focus on animal well-being.

This environment contributes not only to our team’s well-being but also strengthens our brand as a company dedicated to animal health.

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis represents a complete ecosystem that facilitates not only startups but also sustainable development of companies.

What support have you received from Team Nice Côte d’Azur?

Our collaboration with Team Nice Côte d’Azur has been significant for our establishment in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis.

The support from the team and Sana Bouyahia is a remarkable opportunity for our development in the territory and strengthening our presence in the health sector.

Team Nice Côte d’Azur provides comprehensive support, representing a true anchor point, helping us better understand the Azuréen and metropolitan ecosystem, the territorial actors, and the various solutions available to consolidate our growth.

This support allows us to integrate a solid network and benefit from essential institutional support for innovative startups.

What are your development projects?

We are currently in the development phase of the AnticiPets prototype, which should be ready by March 2024. This is a crucial step for us, as it brings us closer to the commercialization phase.

In terms of human resources, we plan to hire, in the short term, sales specialists in the veterinary sector, and in the medium term, we aim to expand our sales team to reach large and medium-sized retail outlets and pet stores as part of our distribution strategy.

This progressive commercial strategy will allow us to adapt to market dynamics and optimize our impact.

Consequently, by 2027, we plan to hire three additional people to support our development in the French market and the European market.

We are also considering an AnticiPets Pro device dedicated to French professional breeders and monitoring the health of livestock (cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, etc.).

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