Labeling of 55 competitiveness clusters in France and 7 for the South Region

The French government has announced the labeling of 55 competitiveness clusters for Phase V (2023-2026) at the General Assembly of the French Association of Competitiveness Clusters (AFPC) in the presence of Roland Lescure, Delegate Minister for Industry, Harold Huwart, representative of Regions of France, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, and Carole Delga, President of Regions of France.

The competitiveness clusters form a network of 18,500 innovative companies and research and training centers, which brought together 2,000 additional members during phase IV (2019-2022), despite the health crisis.

They have supported, accompanied, and secured funding for nearly 1,000 European projects for themselves and their members. The competitiveness clusters have shown resilience in supporting the economy during the crisis and offering new services to meet the needs of companies in transition.

The call for applications for Phase V (2023-2026) was launched on August 2nd. It was open to both the structures already labelled during phase IV and new applications.

Three main objectives have been defined by the French government and regions, mobilizing all partners, for phase V:

  • To create stronger, better-connected ecosystems capable of responding to national and regional challenges through partnerships.
  • Strengthen the development of the poles’ action at the European level, to confirm the successes of phase IV and amplify the international influence of our innovation ecosystems by mobilizing European funding.
  • Supporting French SMEs and startups in their transformation and development by accompanying innovative and technologically demanding industrialization projects that structure industrial sectors, in coherence with the deployment of France 2030 and regional priorities.

According to the provisions of the specifications, the applications were subject to evaluation by a selection committee composed of the State and the Regions. At the end of this process, the Prime Minister decided to follow the recommendations of the selection committee and label 55 competitiveness clusters.

Competitiveness clusters labeled in the SUD – Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region

In the South region of France, seven competitiveness clusters have been awarded the label for phase V, each focusing on key areas of innovation, ecological and technological transition, and green reindustrialization:

  1. The Mer Méditerranée cluster is dedicated to the maritime and navigation industries. It is committed to developing innovative projects to promote economic growth, marine environmental protection, and maritime safety.
  2. Eurobiomed is a competitiveness cluster in the field of health. Eurobiomed is a competitiveness cluster in the healthcare field. It brings together actors from research and industry to accelerate innovation and the development of healthcare products and services.
  3. The Optitec cluster is specialized in imaging and photonics. It aims to develop innovative projects in the fields of health, environment, industry, and information technology.
  4. The SCS cluster is focused on information and communication technologies (ICT). It focuses on promoting innovation and the development of products and services in the fields of security, health, environment, and industry.
  5. Capénergies focuses on the fields of energy and environment. Il travaille sur des projets innovants pour favoriser la transition énergétique et le développement durable.
  6. Innov’Alliance supports the ecological and technological transition of agriculture. It aims to develop innovative projects to improve the productivity and sustainability of agriculture while preserving the environment.
  7. Safe Cluster is positioned in the aerospace, security, defense, and risk prevention sectors. It brings together research and industry actors to develop innovative projects in these areas.

These competitiveness clusters have the mission to strengthen innovation and competitiveness of companies in the South region and to contribute to ecological and technological transition.

Thanks to the labeling for Phase V, they will be able to continue to play a major role in the economic development of the region and the country, strengthening innovation and competitiveness of companies in the South region and contributing to the ecological and technological transition.


Detailed list of the 55 competitiveness clusters.

55 competitiveness clusters:

  • 47 competitiveness clusters have been labeled for a period of four years.
    • Aerospace Valley, Agri SOI, ALPHA-RLH, Aquimer, Atlanpole Biothérapies, Axelera, Bioeconomy for change, BioValley France, Cap Digital, Capénergies, CARA, CIMES, Clubster NSL, Cosmetic Valley, EMC2, Eurobiomed, Finance Innovation, Hippolia, iD4CAR, Images & Réseaux, Innov’Alliance, i-Trans, LyonBiopôle, Medicen, Minalogic, Nextmove, Nuclear Valley, Optitec, PMT, Pôle Avenia, Pôle européen de la céramique, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Pôle Mer Méditerranée, Pôle Véhicule du Futur, Polymeris, Qualitropic, S2E2, SAFE, SCS, Systematic, Techtera, Tenerrdis, TES, Valorial, Végépolys Valley, Vitagora, Xylofutur.
  • 4 poles are labeled for a period of two years, extendable to four years under certain conditions:
    • ASTech, EuraMaterials, Fibres-Energivie, Team².
  • 2 clusters have been certified for a one-year period, which can be extended to four years under certain conditions:
    • Derbi, Materalia.
  • 2 new competitiveness cluster projects have been labeled for a duration of two years, renewable for four years subject to effective structuring:
    • ENTER et Infr@2050.

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