Year of the Sea in Nice – Call for expressions of interest in Art, Culture, and Heritage

annee de la mer appel a projet nice

Objective of the call: The main objective of this call for expressions of interest is to support local artistic, cultural, and heritage initiatives related to the major challenges of ocean protection as part of the Year of the Sea. The suggested themes include marine biodiversity, the protection of the deep sea, the fight against plastic pollution, reflection on illegal fishing, and the decarbonization of maritime transport.

Eligible participants: This call is open to artists, artistic, cultural and heritage associations, as well as to show entrepreneurs in the territory.

Selection criteria and process: The projects will be evaluated according to several criteria (detailed on the website of the City of Nice). The final selection will be made by a commission composed of elected officials and civil servants after an administrative, artistic, cultural and technical expertise of the files.

The deadline for applications is June 21, 2024, at midnight, and applications must be submitted online.

An artistic and cultural commitment for the preservation of the oceans

n response to the urgency of ocean protection, the city of Nice, in collaboration with various cultural and institutional actors, is launching an ambitious program of cultural and artistic actions as part of the Year of the Sea, scheduled from September 2024 to September 2025. This initiative precedes and accompanies the third United Nations Conference on the Ocean (UNOC-3) which will be held in Nice in June 2025.

This cultural and heritage mobilization aims to raise public awareness and promote sustainable solutions for the oceans. Indeed, the ocean plays an essential role in climate regulation and is at the heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The protection of its ecosystem and marine biodiversity is therefore crucial for our collective future.

Program of the Year of the Sea: a diversity of actions planned

The Year of the Sea encompasses a variety of events including the European Heritage Days and the Science Festival, where the maritime theme will be predominant. These events will serve as a platform to disseminate knowledge and stimulate civic engagement towards marine conservation.

Furthermore, the Biennale of Arts, renamed for the occasion Biennale of Arts and the Ocean, will focus on the interaction between art and science to raise awareness of the protection of the marine environment. Through artistic expression, the Biennale seeks to reach a wider audience and foster awareness of ocean issues.

Local involvement and project selection criteria

The Call for Expressions of Interest is an invitation to all local actors wishing to actively participate in this special programming. The candidates, whether they are artists, associations, or show entrepreneurs, are encouraged to propose projects that reflect on current challenges such as marine biodiversity, plastic pollution, or the decarbonization of maritime transport,…

Cultural and Creative Industries in Nice Côte d’Azur

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