Seafood and Fishing Summit: September 21st and 22nd in Nice

Seafood and Fishing Summit: September 21st and 22nd in Nice

Since 2010, the “Assises de la Pêche et des Produits de la Mer” has become the main annual gathering for decision-makers and public and private stakeholders in the fishing industry.

This event brings together stakeholders from the production, processing, and distribution of seafood products.

This year, the “Assises de la Pêche et des Produits de la Mer” will be held at the Mediterranean University Center in Nice on Thursday, September 21st, and Friday, September 22nd, 2023.

The “Assises de la Pêche et des Produits de la Mer” provide a unique opportunity to bring together key players from the fishing industry, from production to distribution, enabling them to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector It is also an opportune time to strengthen partnerships and foster collaborations among the various stakeholders in the industry.

There will be 9 roundtable discussions dedicated to the challenges of the fishing industry related to this year’s theme: “The Fishing Industry Confronting Decisive Choices.”

  • European Fisheries Policy and Biodiversity: Reconciliation and Opportunities for Fishing and Aquaculture Activities.
  • Accidental Catches: Improving Coexistence Between Fishermen and Protected Species
  • Scientific Observations: Building Trust Relationships Between Experts and Professionals
  • Fleet Exit Plan What future for the French fishing industry?
  • Decarbonization of the fishing and shellfish farming sectors: What funds for which type of project?
  • The attractiveness of jobs in the fishing and shellfish farming sector: The challenge of training in mainland and overseas territories.
  • Marine Protected Areas, Wind Energy, Climate, Biodiversity: What coexistence and ambitions for the Mediterranean?
  • What adaptations are needed tomorrow for eel and sea urchin fisheries?
  • Illegal fishing, poaching, theft: How to effectively combat them. Examples in overseas territories and in the Mediterranean.
  • Brands and labels for seafood products: Visibility, determining criteria, and ambition.

Regional and local ambitions for sustainable fishing

The Sud Region, due to its extensive maritime territory, has significant ambitions for the development of the fishing industry. In April 2022, the launch of the “Parlement de la Mer” marked this commitment, with ambitious objectives such as creating thousands of jobs by 2030 in sectors like boating, fishing, aquaculture, sustainable tourism, and renewable marine energies.

Indeed, the city of Nice is also positioning itself in favor of local and sustainable fishing. With a strong commitment to supporting professionals in the sector, the city of Nice showcases its own ambitions to promote responsible and environmentally-friendly fishing practices. This approach aims to ensure the preservation of marine resources while fostering the economic development of the fishing industry.

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