Nice: tequilarapido becomes Dusens Group

dusens group toufik lerari

Key Points

  1. tequilarapido changes its name to Dusens Group, bringing together five entities under one brand.
  2. Dusens Group positions itself as a leading player in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with 240 employees and 35 years of multisectoral experience.
  3. The group emphasizes innovation and stakeholder engagement to address the strategic challenges of its clients.

New name and new ambitions for the independent communication consulting group

July 4, 2024 marks a significant turning point for tequilarapido, which now operates under the name of Dusens Group This transformation is accompanied by a consolidation of the entities Allegorie, Fifty 4 Media, Tada Research, and Dusens Advisory, bringing together 240 employees under one brand. The aim is to strengthen the group’s presence in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, capitalizing on 35 years of expertise in various fields such as consulting, branding, digital, growth and innovation.

A vision based on commitment, innovation and openness

“Our new name symbolizes three convictions that underpin our vision and differentiation for the communication consulting business: making stakeholder engagement of our clients a priority lever for growth, maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit to remain agile and avant-garde in supporting our clients’ strategic challenges, and finally strengthening our sense of openness through our partnerships with the academic, scientific and non-profit worlds to continuously enrich our know-how and innovation,” says Toufik Lerari, President of Dusens Group.

A consulting agency model adapted to modern challenges

By collaborating with internationally renowned companies such as ENGIE, Renault Group, Nexans, and Bouygues, Dusens Group aims to break down the silos between corporate, commercial and internal communications for greater coherence and effectiveness.

“The exponential amplification of information, devices and campaigns is a complexity that increases costs for the company without increasing value for its stakeholders. For our clients, our model focused on digital innovation and stakeholder engagement provides more agility and solutions in the face of market and usage transformations,” says Iris Bensimon, Director of Strategies

A history marked by the digital transformation of companies

Since its founding in 1989, tequilarapido has distinguished itself by its pioneering role in digital communication consulting. The agency has supported prestigious companies in their strategic development projects. In 2009, with the creation of Allegorie in Algeria, internationalization and the expansion of expertise took on a new dimension. More recently, in 2023, the opening of Dusens Advisory in the United Arab Emirates consolidated a unique presence on three continents.

“The transformation of the Middle East is very rapid. Europe and North Africa maintain important cultural and economic links with it. Between the three continents, there is a strategic space from which new growth models are already emerging in multiple sectors: Environment, Defense, Transport, Energy, Technology, Culture, Finance… France has a privileged role to play and communication an essential role to which we are actively contributing,” says Mimi Ferhat, Managing Director.

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