Nice: Second Triumph for NOLT at Refashion’s Innovation Challenge

The Nice-based company NOLT has distinguished itself for the second time by winning the 2023 Innovation Challenge by Refashion, along with three other laureates. This annual competition aims to promote innovative solutions in the recycling of textiles and footwear.

NOLT’s awarded project, “Infinite Jersey,” is part of a circular approach and aims to transform used polyester sportswear into recycled polyester thread.

This recognition underscores NOLT’s commitment to creating eco-responsible and circular sports equipment, a mission carried by its founders Olivier Guigonis and Paul-Emmanuel Guinard.

Refashion’s Innovation Challenge

The eco-organization Refashion, specialized in the textile sector, recently announced the winners of its 13th edition of the Innovation Challenge, an annual competition designed to fund and promote innovative initiatives in the recycling of textiles and footwear. Since its inception in 2010, the challenge has invested more than €5.6 million to co-finance around 60 projects, with the aim of accelerating the transition to a circular textile industry. The strategic focus of the competition includes eco-design and the use of recycled materials. For the 2023 edition, the selection criteria were focused on specific levels of technological maturity, ranging from 1 to 4, corresponding to the initial stages of research and development. The jury, composed of experts from Refashion’s Scientific Committee and various other fields, chose four projects, including that of Nice-based NOLT, which meet the current challenges of recycling and sustainability in the textile sector.

NOLT and the Infinite Jersey: A Revolutionary Circular Commitment in Sports

NOLT was honored for the second time (first win in 2020) by Refashion for its “Infinite Jersey” project.

This project is part of a chemical recycling approach and aims to create a virtuous cycle. It aspires to transform used polyester sportswear into recycled polyester thread, which will then be used to make new sportswear, in collaboration with Seaqual. This funding will allow NOLT to continue to innovate in the field of recycling and sustainability in the sports industry.

NOLT: Democratization of Eco-Responsible Sports Equipment and Circular Innovation

NOLT is an impact company specializing in the manufacture of eco-responsible and circular sports equipment. Founded in 2020 by Olivier Guigonis and Paul-Emmanuel Guinard, two professionals in the sports industry, NOLT’s mission is to create a 100% ecological and circular sports equipment brand. Their unique approach involves manufacturing products from plastics recovered in the Mediterranean and sorted and cleaned household plastic. These products are then sold to sports clubs and individuals.

NOLT is the first company in the world to recycle polyester to transform it into plastic materials. They have also developed a circular business model that includes the collection and recycling of used products, facilitated by the use of QR codes.

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