Nice, 2nd largest French metropolis for economic vitality

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Key points:

  1. Business creation boom: The region is experiencing a boom in business creation and the establishment of private actors, supported by schemes such as Business Landing Nice Côte d’Azur, encouraging employment and economic growth.
  2. Attraction of private investors: The ability to attract private investors significantly contributes to the economic development and animation of the metropolis, enhancing its attractiveness on the international stage.
  3. Host of international events: The hosting of major international events highlights the quality of local infrastructure and the ability to manage large influxes of visitors, generating beneficial economic benefits for local businesses.
  4. Valorization of winter tourism: Investments in winter sports resorts such as Isola 2000, Auron, and Saint-Dalmas le Servage are revitalizing tourism and promising a bright future, notably with the candidacy of the French Alps for the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Economic dynamism and job creation

The 7th edition of the Arthur Loyd Barometer highlights the crucial role of major metropolises in the dynamic of job creation, with a special mention for Nice Côte d’Azur, which ranks second in terms of economic vitality.

Thanks to a dynamic economic strategy and a proactive policy of attracting investment and international events, Nice is asserting itself as a nerve center of economic activity, rising seven places to reach second place in terms of economic vitality.

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, a territory of economic excellence and quality of life

The strategic approach of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is based on a strong desire to innovate and support the local economic fabric. The Business Landing Nice Côte d’Azur scheme is a perfect example, offering an attractive framework for new businesses and investors, thanks to targeted financial aid and logistical and administrative support.

According to the Journal du Dimanche, Nice has risen to first place among large French cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants in terms of quality of life. The city also ranks 13th in the overall ranking of French municipalities, moving up five places from the previous year. This performance is all the more remarkable as it goes against the general downward trend observed in other French metropolises.

The boom in business creation

One of the drivers of the economic vitality of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is the remarkable boom in business creation. New businesses find an ecosystem conducive to innovation and growth. These initiatives reflect the Metropolis’s desire to support employment and economic activity, offering a dynamic and attractive environment for entrepreneurs and investors.

Industrial development and national recognition

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is now positioning itself as a territory of excellence in economic, touristic, and industrial terms. This assertion is reinforced by its recent label as a “Territoire d’Industrie” for the period 2023-2027, testifying to the quality of the policies implemented and the collective effort for economic and industrial development.

The “Territoire d’Industrie” label marks an important step, highlighting the Metropolis’s commitment to industrial reconquest and ecological innovation. Carried by key players such as Christian Estrosi, Marcel Ragni, and other local economic partners, this distinction illustrates the dynamic of collaboration between industrialists, investors, and public authorities. It is part of the national program aiming to integrate local actors into the industrial project, focusing on skill development, ecological transition, and the revitalization of industrial wastelands.

The Haliotis 2 project: a symbol of environmental innovation

At the heart of the Metropolis’s ecological ambition, the Haliotis 2 project is presented as a cutting-edge infrastructure for the treatment and valorization of wastewater. Representing an investment of 700 million euros, this new generation wastewater treatment plant will treat the water of 26 municipalities, eliminating nearly 90% of microplastics and producing renewable energy. This project illustrates the Metropolis’s commitment to environmental protection and energy transition.

Nice Côte d’Azur: an exceptional location for major international events

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is positioning itself as a premier destination for business tourism, thanks to its proven ability to host congresses and international events throughout the year.

The recently organized Junior Eurovision in Nice, the hosting of the Rugby World Cup, the IronMan and the Hopman Cup, as well as international events scheduled for 2024, such as the arrival of the Tour de France and the United Nations Conference on the Ocean in 2025, are eloquent examples.

Strengthening air connectivity

In 2023, the airports of the Côte d’Azur experienced a remarkable year, symbolized by a dynamic recovery of air traffic and significant sustainable development initiatives. With nearly 14.2 million passengers, traffic almost reached pre-pandemic levels of 2019, thanks in part to the expansion of the network serving 116 destinations in 44 countries. This growth was supported by the addition of long-haul connections to North America and the Gulf countries, reflecting the ambition to connect the Côte d’Azur directly to major international cities.

Modernization of infrastructure was also a priority, with the launch of works to adapt Terminal 2 to increase its capacity. These improvements, expected to be fully operational by 2026, will allow for the accommodation of 14 to 18 million passengers annually, anticipating future needs of air transport and improving the experience of travelers.

On the ecological front, the airport continued its decarbonation policy with significant initiatives such as the elimination of gas boilers and the planting of 2,800 trees, aiming for carbon neutrality without compensation before 2030. These efforts show a strong commitment to environmental preservation and the reduction of the carbon footprint of airport activities.

Revitalization of tourism throughout the year

Ski resorts such as Isola 2000, Auron, and Saint-Dalmas le Selvage play a crucial role in the region’s tourism economy. The Metropolis has implemented various developments to stimulate the activity of these resorts, increasing their attractiveness and strengthening the winter tourism sector. Engagement in projects such as the candidacy of the French Alps for the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games demonstrates the region’s long-term vision to continue to develop and enhance its tourism assets.

Thus, the 7th edition of the Arthur Loyd Barometer reveals a changing French economy, marked by the dynamism of metropolises, the challenges of sustainable urbanization, and a push towards green reindustrialization. The Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis is an example of this dynamic.

Source : Nice 24, Arthur Loyd, Team Nice Côte d’Azur

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