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Nextstep Europe, a subsidiary of Nextstep IT, has chosen to establish itself in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis.

The company originally from Tunisia specializes in the design, deployment, and integration of information system infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity, and collaboration tools, thereby offering its clients custom technological solutions to boost their transformation and growth.

Interview with Tahar CHAHMI, Business Development Manager of Nextstep Europe.

Can you briefly introduce us to Nextstep Europe and its vision?

To talk about Nextstep Europe, it is essential to mention its parent company, Nextstep IT. The latter is recognized as a leading figure in the design, deployment, and integration of custom solutions that integrate into the professional environments of companies. Our specialty lies in the integration of information system infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity, and collaboration tools. Moreover, our role as an internet service provider and cloud service provider in Tunisia has allowed us to acquire unique expertise and exceptional know-how in these vital sectors.

Our presence is not limited to Tunisia. The Nextstep group is an influential player in several African countries, extending its vision and solutions through dedicated subsidiaries. The fact that we have successfully carried out so many large-scale IT projects attests to our determination and competence. Each completed project has reinforced our reputation and consolidated our place as a reference in the IT field.

Nextstep Europe is an ambitious extension of Nextstep IT. With the technological robustness and experience of our parent company, our mission is to offer our French clients custom technological solutions designed to boost the transformation and growth of their companies. Thanks to a strong team, we strive to be the partner of choice for our clients, offering them unparalleled technological expertise.

Why Nice? What made this city attractive for Nextstep Europe?

Nice, with its dynamic technological ecosystem, has quickly become a cradle for innovation, attracting a plethora of talents, startups, and renowned technology companies.

The strategic location of Nice, at the crossroads between major European markets and the Mediterranean, gives it a considerable advantage for companies looking to develop both locally and internationally. Moreover, its rich history of innovation is palpable, with numerous research centers, incubators, and co-working spaces blossoming throughout the city, encouraging collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and creation.

What really distinguishes Nice from other technological hubs is its community. From our first interaction with the city, we have been welcomed with open arms. The warm welcome, enthusiasm, and willingness of the local community to collaborate and support newcomers are unparalleled. Team Nice Côte d’Azur, in particular, has been a pillar of support for us. Their in-depth knowledge of the local economic landscape, combined with their passion for promoting the region, has facilitated our transition and reinforced our belief that Nice was the ideal choice for Nextstep Europe.

In short, Nice offers not only fertile ground for technological innovations but also embodies a harmonious fusion of culture, technology, and collaboration, making it a privileged destination for any company wishing to grow and prosper.

Can you tell us more about your collaboration with Team Nice Côte d’Azur?

Our collaboration with Team Nice Côte d’Azur was a key factor in our decision to establish ourselves in Nice. It was not just a consulting relationship, but a true strategic partnership. They played a crucial role, serving as our compass, guiding us through the economic landscape of Nice, with an emphasis on networking, establishing strong ties with local stakeholders, and identifying the most strategic locations for setting up.

One individual deserves special mention: Mr. Jean-François CHAPPERON. His passion for Nice, his proactive approach, and his deep knowledge of the IT ecosystem in the region greatly facilitated our establishment. Mr. CHAPPERON not only welcomed us with open arms but also anticipated and met our needs, ensuring each step of our transition went smoothly. For example, aware of the specific challenges that a foreign company may face, Mr. CHAPPERON took the initiative to connect us with a bank to assist in our financial endeavors, a task that is not straightforward for a foreign company newly arrived in France. His personal and professional commitment to our cause has been a tremendous asset, and we are sincerely grateful for his unwavering support.

It is also essential to highlight the crucial role played by Business France’s office in Tunisia. It is thanks to them that our path crossed that of Team Nice Côte d’Azur. They acted as catalysts, establishing this initial link and ensuring that we were in good hands from the start. Their role was instrumental in facilitating this relationship, and their expertise contributed to laying the solid foundation upon which our current establishment rests.

In summary, our transition to Nice was a collaborative journey, bolstered by the steadfast support of Team Nice Côte d’Azur and the expertise of Business France in Tunisia. Each stakeholder played an essential role in ensuring that Nextstep Europe is not just another company in Nice, but an integral part of the Niçois economic ecosystem.

What is the added value of your establishment in Nice for your clients and partners?

Nice serves as a strategic stepping stone for Nextstep Europe in its expansion drive across French territory and throughout Europe. Our primary objective is to consolidate our presence and broaden our customer base, both in France and across Europe, and establishing ourselves in Nice is a major advantage in this regard.

Nice’s advantageous geographical position, coupled with modern infrastructure, affords us unique speed of action and intervention. This proximity to major European technological and commercial hubs enables us to be closer to our clients, anticipate their needs, and offer real-time solutions.

One undeniable advantage of our presence in Nice is the increased confidence it inspires in our clients. Collaborating with Nextstep Europe, a French company operating under European regulations and laws, offers additional assurance in terms of compliance, security, and transparency. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with collaborating with an entity that meets the stringent standards set by the European Union, thus ensuring optimal service quality.

Thus, our choice of Nice is not merely a geographical decision; it is a carefully thought-out strategy to position Nextstep Europe as a major and reliable player in the IT sector in France and Europe.

What are the next steps for Nextstep Europe in Nice?

Our commitment to Nice extends far beyond simple establishment. We view this city not only as a strategic anchor but also as a source of invaluable opportunities for the growth and innovation of Nextstep Europe. The consolidation of our presence in Nice is central to our medium and long-term vision.

In this context, we aim to continuously diversify and enrich our service offerings. We are actively exploring emerging areas and technological innovations to provide our clients with avant-garde solutions, aligned with current and future market trends.

Moreover, collaboration is one of the pillars of our strategy in Nice. We plan to establish strategic partnerships with multinational IT manufacturers (CISCO, DELL/EMC, FORTINET, etc.). Having already achieved advanced levels of collaboration with them in other geographical regions, our ambition is to achieve similar cooperation in France. We also intend to forge collaborations with academic and research institutions in the region. These synergies will allow us to benefit from combined expertise, exchange knowledge, and launch revolutionary solutions.

We are also committed to investing in the local talent pool. Nice is teeming with qualified professionals and promising young talent. We wish not only to integrate them into our team but also offer them training and development opportunities, thereby enhancing their expertise while enriching our human capital.

Lastly, our vision for Nice transcends the commercial realm. We aspire to be an active and responsible player in the Nice technological ecosystem. By participating in local events, supporting technological initiatives, and promoting innovation, we wish to make a significant contribution to the region’s technological dynamism and prominence.

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