ExAdEx-Innov and EXSYMOL Monaco: A Collaboration at the Heart of Cosmetic Innovation

A Strategic Alliance Between Biotechnology and Cosmetics

The collaboration between ExAdEx-Innov and EXSYMOL Monaco stands as a remarkable example of intersectoral synergy.

By combining the strengths of ExAdEx-Innov in biotechnology and EXSYMOL Monaco in cosmetics, this strategic alliance aims to push the boundaries of research on human adipose tissue.

This partnership marks a significant step, merging two areas of expertise to explore novel and innovative applications.

ExAdEx-Innov: Beyond Biotechnology

ExAdEx-Innov, with its deep expertise in biotechnology and commitment to advancements in public health, makes an essential contribution to this collaboration. Their patented technology, focused on the production and study of human fat, opens new perspectives for understanding and manipulating adipose tissue in therapeutic and applied research contexts. ExAdEx-Innov’s ability to simulate human adipose tissue in ex vivo conditions provides an invaluable research platform for cosmetic product testing.

EXSYMOL Monaco: An Enriching Partnership

On the other hand, EXSYMOL Monaco, with its extensive experience in designing innovative cosmetic actives, brings a unique perspective to this partnership. Their expertise in creating and evaluating cosmetic actives perfectly complements the skills of ExAdEx-Innov. This collaboration allows EXSYMOL to test and refine its products in an environment closely mimicking human adipose tissue, thus ensuring enhanced efficacy and added value of their products.

CAFEISILANE: An Emblematic Achievement of This Collaboration

The flagship product of this collaboration is CAFEISILANE, an active combining caffeine and biofunctional silicon. Tested on ExAdEx-Innov’s ex vivo models, CAFEISILANE perfectly illustrates the synergy between the two companies, offering an innovative cosmetic solution based on solid research.

A Bridge Between Therapeutic Research and Cosmetic

This partnership is particularly innovative as it creates a bridge between applied research on adipose tissue and cosmetics. The advancements made within this collaboration could not only open new avenues in the application of adipose tissue research models but also transform the way cosmetic products are developed and evaluated. Indeed, this alliance could lead to a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms of adipose tissue, essential for numerous applications.

ExAdEx-Innov, supported by a network of researchers and clinicians, and EXSYMOL Monaco, with its long-standing expertise, mutually benefit from this collaboration, enriching their respective research and development areas.

More information

For more information on EXSYMOL Monaco and ExAdEx-Innov, their products, and their research, please visit their respective websites: and www.exadex-innov/exadex-platform.

Innovation – Nice Côte d’Azur France

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