Photovoltaic: Voltaïca continues its development in France by setting up in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis.

Voltaïca, a company originally from Corsica, aims to become a major player in the photovoltaic energy sector in France.

The company is present in Bastia, Toulouse, and as of a few weeks ago, in Nice as well.

Voltaïca ranked sixth in the Champions de la Croissance Nationale (National Growth Champions) ranking by Les Echos/Statista and first in the energy sector.

The company develops photovoltaic power plants for professionals, primarily focusing on farmers, by undertaking projects for photovoltaic roof installations on existing or future agricultural hangars.

Voltaïca continues its growth on the mainland by opening an agency in Nice and is preparing to launch the Voltaïca Academy, its own training center, in September.

Interview with Frédéric Oddon, Deputy Director of Marketing and Communication.

Can you present Voltaïca?

Voltaïca is a developer of photovoltaic projects primarily focused on rooftop installations on behalf of third parties. The company operates throughout mainland France.

It was founded in 2008 by Christian and Jean Marc Giudicelli with the primary objective of providing sustainable energy solutions and contributing to a near future without carbon emissions by harnessing solar energy. Our approach involves designing and developing photovoltaic power plant projects primarily on rooftops of existing or to-be-constructed buildings, specifically tailored to the needs of farmers, industrial facilities, equestrian centers, and more.

The company has experienced significant growth since 2017, following the end of the tariff freeze that was initiated in 2010. Voltaïca has been experiencing exponential growth, with its revenue increasing from €373,000 in 2017 to approximately €20 million in 2022. This has allowed us to be selected and ranked 6th (out of 500) in the 2023 Champions de la Croissance ranking by Les Échos!

Today, we are a team of approximately sixty people, including all types of contracts, across France. We are organized into three agency hubs: Bastia, which focuses on management, administration, and legal aspects; Toulouse, which handles operations and development; and Nice, where we have dedicated teams for finance, sales, marketing, and training.

To continue our expansion, we recently opened offices in Nice. Currently, our on-site team consists of four individuals: the Chief Financial Officer, the Sales Director, the Marketing Director, the Client Relations Manager for hosting partners, and the Training Coordinator.

This establishment allows us to be closer to our partners and potential clients in this region, thereby strengthening our presence in the market.

Our processes and adaptability enable us to offer a personalized and responsive approach in the development of our projects.

What are the unique characteristics of Voltaïca?

Voltaïca exclusively focuses on the development of rooftop photovoltaic power plants, primarily catering to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

We work on large-scale rooftops, starting from 600 square meters, and we are considering exploring other sources of renewable energy in the future.

What sets Voltaïca apart is our personalized and innovative approach, our streamlined processes, and a 360-degree vision of the project. Each project is meticulously analyzed to provide a tailor-made solution for every client.

We guide them at every step of the process, from equipment selection to urban planning considerations, and through legal aspects. We emphasize our ability to customize our solutions based on the unique needs of each client’s project.

Voltaïca also places great importance on training in order to develop experts in all areas related to photovoltaics. This commitment is materialized through the creation of our own training center in Nice, called the Voltaïca Academy.

What is the nature of the upcoming Voltaïca Academy project in Nice?

The creation of the Voltaïca Academy represents a significant milestone in the development of Voltaïca. This ambitious project aims to train qualified professionals in the field of renewable energy through both one-time and ongoing training programs.

It is an initiative by the founders to strengthen the transmission of values and the DNA of the company to all our employees. This academy represents a strategic lever to train the experts of tomorrow and actively contribute to the energy transition.

The Voltaïca Academy also aims to foster employee retention and facilitate internal mobility by providing them with the opportunity to change careers if necessary.

Long-term, our vision is to offer diploma programs not only to our current employees but also to those who wish to pursue a career change. Thus, upon completion of the Voltaïca Academy, they will have acquired skills, qualifications, and a profession in the thriving field of renewable energies.

The launch of this innovative initiative is scheduled for the September 2023, with the immediate hiring of a specialist in training and recruitment of account managers, as well as another person in connection with the HR department.

Why did you choose the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis?

The choice of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is based on a strategic decision by the company. When considering all the factors, Nice proved to be the ideal option.

The city offers an attractive geographical location in close proximity to our headquarters in Corsica.

Another major advantage of being located in Nice is the convenience of transportation, both nationally and regionally. Efficient railway and air connections make travel easier, which is crucial for the development of our business.

Furthermore, Nice has a growing economic potential, which presents an excellent opportunity for an expanding company like ours.

Moreover, the quality of life offered by Nice cannot be overlooked. This can enhance our attractiveness for both our current employees and those who wish to join our company.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight the shared interests between Voltaïca and the Nice Ecovallée OIN (Operation of National Interest), which is focused on sustainable development. This resonance between our initiatives was an additional factor in our decision to establish ourselves in Nice.

How did Invest in Côte d’Azur support you?

During our exchanges with Cyril Dary, we were able to discuss in-depth the global challenges that Voltaïca is facing.

Cyril demonstrated a deep understanding of our challenges and facilitated our introduction to local networks. This allows us to save a significant amount of time in our various processes as we were immediately connected with the right contacts.

We will continue our collaboration in the coming months to identify new, larger premises in the city center for 2024.

What are your development projects?

Voltaïca envisions long-term structural development. We are supported by BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement) and have joined the Coq Vert and French Fab communities. These collaborations demonstrate our commitment to the green industry.

Voltaïca aims to establish a presence in every department by having account managers across the national territory. We aspire to become a leading company in the clean energy sector.

We are actively seeking new talents, particularly for the operational department in Toulouse. In Nice, the team started with three people, and we will be five by the end of the year. As we continue to grow, our goal is to have around fifteen team members by the end of 2024. In France, we aim to have almost one account manager per department to strengthen our national presence.

Our objective is to develop a strong network of energy professionals, thereby contributing to the growth of the company and the energy transition of the country.

Contact Voltaïca

Frédéric ODDON, Deputy Director of Marketing and Communication.

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Mail : Frédéric ODDON

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