Nice: ZEWAY is deploying its offering of rechargeable electric scooters

ZEWAY is a French player in electric mobility.

The company was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energies. After successfully developing solar energy projects in France and internationally, including co-founding Solairedirect (a global leader in the photovoltaic industry), the team decided to embark on a new challenge to actively support the energy transition: becoming a leading player in zero-emission urban mobility.

In March 2020, ZEWAY completed its first funding round, raising €15 million from key investors dedicated to ecological urban mobility solutions: Demeter Partners, Allianz France, and NCI. In 2023, ZEWAY conducted a second funding round, raising nearly €27 million from new players, including Banque des Territoires, ADEME Investissement, Matmut Innovation, and business angels.

Following its launch in Paris in 2020, ZEWAY, the solution of rechargeable electric scooters in 50 seconds, is now arriving in Nice.

The first ZEWAY stations are now operational, allowing residents of Nice to test the battery swapping recharge concept.

A network of battery swapping stations is planned in Nice and its neighboring municipalities through partnerships with Monoprix, BNP Paribas, ESSO, TotalEnergies, Effia, and a network of laundromats.

ZEWAY has recorded over 200,000 battery swaps (rapid exchange of electric batteries) and is performing over 5,000 swaps per week. ZEWAY offers a range of six models of personal scooters.

The subscription, starting from €130 including taxes per month, includes various services: rental of the personal electric scooter, unlimited battery swapping, insurance, assistance, maintenance, and a mobile application.

With the launch of this offering, ZEWAY is strengthening the diversified transportation policy of the City of Nice, which includes tramways, buses, electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle lanes, bicycle parking facilities, shared bicycles, shared scooters, and low-emission zones.

ZEWAY provides an alternative for regular users of shared scooters who wish to have their own electric scooter. The co-founders of ZEWAY, Stéphanie Gosset and Amaury Korniloff, believe that battery swapping can become a standard for urban electric mobility.

ZEWAY aims to support the energy transition by offering a solution that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

Cleantech – Nice Côte d’Azur France

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