ExactCure Towards a Strategic Rapprochement with Quantum Genomics

Exactcure Quantum Genomics

Quantum Genomics, a company listed on Euronext Growth (FR0011648971 – ALQGC), has announced its entry into exclusive negotiations with ExactCure, a HealthTech company based in Nice specializing in the development of an artificial intelligence tool for personalizing medication intake. This strategic move aims to create a leading entity in the field of Digital Health.

At the beginning of 2023, ExactCure was distinguished as a winner of the i-Nov Innovation Contest, with the INTERACTWIN project. ExactCure’s goal is to enrich its Digital Twin with new features to better manage drug interactions and the specific metabolism of patients. This development is particularly relevant for poly-medicated patients or those with altered metabolism.

ExactCure: Development of an Innovative Medical Device Based on a Patient’s Digital Twin

ExactCure has developed a medical device, which is software combining artificial intelligence and biomathematical modeling. This device, which has CE marking, allows the creation of a Digital Twin for each patient based on a number of specific characteristics (age, weight, sex, renal function, hepatic function, genetic mutations, treatments).

This Digital Twin simulates the behavior of the medication when taken by the patient (blood concentration, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, interactions with other drugs).

For example, when a patient takes an anti-inflammatory at noon, their Digital Twin predicts that in their specific case, the treatment will be effective at 12:20 PM, reach maximum efficacy at 1:30 PM, and be eliminated by 6:30 PM.

The aim is to avoid both overdosing and underdosing of medications, as well as drug interactions. In order to best adapt medication intake according to the individual characteristics of each patient.

In the context of marketing this device, ExactCure targets pharmaceutical laboratories and CROs, for whom personalized drug simulation can represent a significant economic advantage:

  • either in the context of drugs under development to improve the segmentation of
    patients to be included in clinical trials, allowing time savings and thus a reduction in
    the costs inherent in conducting these studies;
  • or in the context of drugs already authorized on the market, to promote their proper use,
    an argument for price negotiation with Health Authorities.

Indeed, drug-related iatrogenesis is responsible for more than 10,000 deaths per year in France (three times more than road accidents), over 130,000 hospitalizations, and nearly 1.3 million hospitalization days (B. BEGAUD and D. COSTAGLIOLA; Report on the surveillance and proper use of medicines in France; September 2013; La Documentation Française). Pharmacovigilance is thus one of the major challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of image and cost.

ExactCure has also already signed partnership and licensing contracts for its device with medical software solution providers. These contribute to high visibility among health professionals. Notable partners unclude Vidal and Cegedim, two French leaders, as well as Elsevier in Europe.

The rapprochement aims to make ExactCure’s Digital Twin an essential tool for proper medication use in the health ecosystem, from the pharmaceutical industry to healthcare facilities and insurance companies.

The technological breakthrough offered by ExactCure has enabled it to raise 7 million euros since its inception, including 2.2 million euros in the i-Nov Innovation Contest and 1.4 million euros as part of the France 2030 Plan.

The technological innovation offered by ExactCure, the financial contribution and stock market listing of Quantum Genomics, and the complementary expertise of the teams, are all assets that should enable the new entity to establish itself as a key partner for pharmaceutical laboratories and the health ecosystem.

The rapprochement between Quantum Genomics and ExactCure will indeed allow:

  • to accelerate the deployment of the personalized drug simulation device towards medical solution providers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • to continue the implementation of the device:
    • Increase from 5,200 simulated drugs to 10,000
    • Integrate a functionality for detecting multi-drug interactions, a major issue in multiple prescriptions.

Frédéric Dayan, CEO of ExactCure: ‘I am delighted with this rapprochement, which will propel ExactCure into a new dimension. The new financial and human resources provided by Quantum Genomics will allow us to accelerate the development of our device and become an essential partner for pharmaceutical laboratories in the development of new drugs and the support of drugs already on the market.’

Francois Durvye, General Manager of Otium Capital, the main shareholder of Quantum Genomics and a historic leader in private equity in France, with 1.5 billion euros under management: ‘We renew our full confidence in the team at Quantum Genomics with whom we wish to continue this entrepreneurial adventure. The technological innovation based on artificial intelligence developed by ExactCure, combined with the complementary experiences and skills of the teams, will make this new structure a success.’

Jean-Philippe Milon, CEO of Quantum Genomics : ‘With the aim of successfully repositioning Quantum Genomics, we have been relentlessly searching for several months for a collaboration with a company in the health sector that meets our four key criteria: a major field of activity, an innovative and differentiating project, know-how replicable internationally, a high-performing team complementary to ours to support the project. ExactCure, which meets all these criteria, appeared to us to be the ideal partner for a promising new future.'”

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