Centrale Méditerranée in Nice: Inauguration

Centrale Marseille has undergone a transformation by becoming Centrale Méditerranée, but it has also expanded.

Centrale Méditerranée is a public Grande École of engineering within the prestigious Groupe des Écoles Centrale, and is located in two cities: Marseille and Nice.

It offers a complete range of training courses, from post-baccalaureate to doctorate level.

The Nice campus is located in the heart of Nice Ecovallée, within the Premium building in the Nice Meridia eco-district.

Currently, a postgraduate program dedicated to digital transformation called “Centrale DigitalLab” is offered for students with a Bachelor’s degree, at the Nice campus.

A three-year program for Bachelor’s degree holders called “Bachelor of Science and Engineering: Responsible Engineering and Digital Transformations” will have its first intake in September 2023.

Soon, options for students pursuing an engineering curriculum will also be taught at the Nice campus.

The establishment of this second campus in Nice is the result of a convergence of shared aspirations between the school’s expansion plans and a dynamic region that is committed to developing more engineering talent to meet the demands of businesses.

Centrale Méditerranée has undertaken significant changes in the programs it offers in Marseille and Nice in response to current challenges. “In a changing world, our ambition is to train engineers who are involved in the community”, stated Carole Deumié, director of Centrale Méditerranée. “Our pedagogy is based on scientific rigor, creativity, and ethics. Centralien engineers distinguish themselves by their ability to find solutions to adapt to the environmental and social challenges of our time,” added Carole Deumié, director of Centrale Méditerranée.

Centrale Méditerranée has three goals,” Carole Deumié reiterated, “to attract through education, innovate through science, and grow through collaboration. In addition to our generalist and interdisciplinary scientific DNA, our pedagogy integrates the essential skills needed to accompany the transformation of companies and organizations: the ability to make decisions in uncertainty, to manage complex projects, to cooperate and be open to diversity, and to have a thoughtful perspective on technology.”

“It is with great pleasure,” added Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice and President of Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis “that in 2022, the city of Nice welcomed the brand new campus of Centrale Marseille on its territory, a public school of generalist engineering, heir to 130 years of engineering training in the Sud region.”

Centrale Méditerranée is being launched in Nice

Higher Education Nice Côte d’Azur

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