Biotech: ExAdex-Innov welcomes SATT Sud-Est as a shareholder

ExAdex-Innov, a biotechnology company based in Nice, is developing an innovative technology that explores the therapeutic properties of human adipose tissue.

Founded in August 2022 and based at the Bio-incubator of the Institute of Biology Valrose,ExAdex-Innov positions itself as a promising startup, with a team of researchers, opinion leaders, clinicians, and managers who possess decades of expertise in the field of human adipose tissue biology and the development of new therapeutic solutions and innovative biotherapies.

The founders of the startup have developed a revolutionary technology called ExAdEx in collaboration with the Stem Cells and Differentiation team at the University Côte d’Azur, supported by the IdEx UCA JEDI, and the Cellular and Gene Therapy Unit of the University Hospital of Nice.

This innovation enables the maintenance of viable and functional human adipose tissue in culture, thus paving the way for the production of brown fat for therapeutic purposes. This biotherapy, named ObAdEx, has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of obesity and associated metabolic disorders.

Currently in the preclinical phase, the ObAdEx biotherapy is supported by CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) for pre-maturation, as well as a French Tech Emergence grant from Bpifrance.

In parallel, ExAdEx-Innov is working on the pre-industrialization of the bioproduction process. The biotech relies on the first exclusive technological platform of physiopathological and clinically relevant models of human adipose tissue to ensure and accelerate the development of its biotherapy. This platform is also currently offered to innovative companies in the cosmetics sector.

The latest major milestone in ExAdEx-Innov’s journey was the entry of SATT Sud-Est, a technology transfer acceleration company, into its capital. SATT Sud-Est has entered into an agreement for an exclusive sub-license for the exploitation of the innovative ExAdEx technology and its therapeutic application, ObAdEx, across all fields. This agreement follows their investment in the technology transfer of the project and funding of a maturation program. This agreement allows SATT Sud-Est to become a shareholder of the company ExAdEx-Innov. This strategic collaboration between the startup and SATT Sud-Est demonstrates the successful valorization of academic research and strengthens confidence in the project and vision of ExAdEx-Innov.

Vincent DANI, President and co-founder of ExAdEx-Innov, expresses his satisfaction with the signing of the license agreement, highlighting the involvement and joint efforts of SATT Sud-Est and the motivated team of researchers and clinicians. He also considers the entry of SATT Sud-Est into the capital as crucial support and a guarantee of success for the startup. On his part, Laurent BALY, President of SATT Sud-Est, expresses his pride in being associated with ExAdEx-Innov and highlights the potential of this startup in the pharmaceutical, reconstructive surgery, cosmetics, and nutraceutical industries.

The fundraising process now becomes a crucial step for ExAdEx-Innov to develop its innovative biotherapy and address the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from obesity and treatment-resistant chronic metabolic diseases. The recognition of ExAdEx-Innov’s innovation was further solidified by receiving the DeepTech label from Bpifrance, highlighting the added value and strong commercial potential of this disruptive technology closely linked to research. Furthermore, the startup has been selected by Challenges magazine as one of the 100 startups to invest in for 2023.

ExAdEx-Innov is determined to explore the therapeutic potential of human adipose tissue to address a significant public health issue. With its innovative technology and the strategic support of SATT Sud-Est, ExAdEx-Innov positions itself as a key player in the search for new solutions for patients suffering from metabolic diseases associated with obesity.

Sources : ExAdEx-Innov / SATT Sud-Est

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