OGC Nice continues its digital transformation with MyCoachPro

OGC Nice MyCoachPro

A natural collaboration for advanced digitalization

The iconic football club of the City of Nice, OGC Nice, has taken a new step in its digital transformation by partnering with MyCoachPro. This startup, based in Nice, offers a platform that facilitates the holistic management of a sports organization through the collection and interpretation of data.

MyCoachPro: The leader in Athlete Management Systems

With advanced technical features, MyCoachPro is specially designed for sports performance professionals, technical teams, medical units, and administrative management.

Recognized as the undisputed leader in AMS (Athlete Management System) in France, MyCoachPro equips 85% of professional French clubs, as well as all national teams that have adopted this platform.

A strategic choice for OGC Nice

OGC Nice, recognizing the value and expertise of MyCoachPro, chose to collaborate with this local startup to equip itself with a cutting-edge technical tool for its Training Center teams.

Fabrice Bocquet, General Manager of OGC Nice, emphasizes the importance of this partnership, highlighting the pride of choosing a local solution.

Cindy Spaziani, at the helm of MyCoachPro, also expresses her joy and pride regarding this new collaboration. She mentions the honor of hosting renowned clubs such as Manchester City or Borussia Dortmund but emphasizes that working with a club from her hometown is an unparalleled experience.

Learn more on the OGC Nice website.

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