The area of ‘La Gare de Nice’ at Thiers will soon be redesigned as part of a real estate project of 19 000m², by the Phalsbourg Company in association with Daniel Libeskind for design.

To upgrade the area near the station of Nice’s city center, the Metropolis Nice Côte d’Azur, the city of Nice and SNCF Gares & Connections are engaged in a vast plan of linking sector requalification for Thiers and Jean Medecin avenues. This plan includes the creation of a multimodal exchange pole around the train station of Nice Thiers and line 1 of the tramway, to optimize the transfer between different modes of urban transport and access to Jean Medecin Avenue. The revitalization of the area will also be ensured by building an area of 19 000m² on a mixed program (shops, hotels, offices and services), carried out by la Compagnie de Phalsbourg.

The building that will house the new group, called « Iconic », is carrying a strong identity, designed by Daniel Libeskind, author of the « Master Plan » for Groud Zero in Manhattan or the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The 40 meter high structure will be made of concrete, steel and glass reminiscent of a multifaceted diamond. “I was inspired by forms of mineral azurite, a harmonious crystallization to create a building that can be seen from all angles and thus help to overcome the border between these two parts of the city. It will also serve to reflect the city, the light and the landscape”, says Daniel Libeskind to the Moniteur.

The property group plans to offer a varied program including:

This is one of the most daring requalification projects for a station’s neighborhood and already has an investment of 80M€. The planning schedule previews for work to begin in the 4th trimester of 2017 for a finished project in the 4th trimester of 2019.
This is not the first investment from the Phalsbourg Company in the French Riviera since the company will also ensure the implementation of the new retail center of Sophia Antipolis, located in Clausonnes in the district of Valbonne. The work for this project designed by Gianni Ranaulo is expected to be launched in 2018.

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