Nice: Teebike wins a silver medal at the Lépine competition for its bike electrification solution

The Nice-based startup Teebike, founded in October 2019, markets a cutting-edge connected wheel capable of transforming any standard bike into an electric model.

The company has just won a silver medal at the prestigious Lépine competition. A recognition that confirms its status as a major player in the bike electrification and soft mobility sector.

This victory enables it to aim for continuous growth and the conquest of new markets due to the publicity of this award.

A concrete solution to minimize the ecological footprint and promote more sustainable mobility

The concept of Teebike was born from an alarming observation made by its co-founder, Laurent Durrieu, during a trip abroad: he discovered what he called a “bicycle graveyard,” an open-air dump sheltering more than 25 million abandoned bicycles. After further research, he realized that such sites were spreading at an alarming rate around the world.

Faced with this observation, Laurent Durrieu, at the age of 55, decided to act in accordance with his values and the contemporary context. “Teebike then became an obvious solution!” declares Laurent Durrieu.

Teebike offers a wheel equipped with an electric motor that aims to rejuvenate all bicycles, whether they are new or old, basic or luxury. It is an ecological and economical mobility solution aimed at city dwellers, parents wishing to cycle with their children, seniors wanting to go on longer rides, or anyone wishing to get back in the saddle without having to change their bike.

By converting a classic bike into an electric bike, Teebike offers a practical and economical alternative for those looking to incorporate more cycling into their daily routine.

Based on values such as sustainability, innovation, and responsibility, Teebike makes a significant contribution to the positive transformation of the urban mobility landscape.

Teebike’s connected wheel, incorporating a motor, battery, and sensors, without external cables, represents a pragmatic response to the growing demand for ecological mobility.

(Source: Teebike Linkedin / press release)

Cleantech – Nice Côte d’Azur France

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