Nice: DeePsy Offers a New Approach to Psychological Assessment in the Workplace

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The Nice-based startup DeePsy specializes in psychological assessment solutions. It sets itself apart with an innovative approach that combines scientific rigor with cutting-edge technology.

Born from Evan Adeny’s ambition to transcend the boundaries of academia, the startup offers solutions that go far beyond traditional methods of psychological evaluation. From assessing soft skills to mental health prevention, DeePsy aims to address various and crucial needs in the professional world.

In our interview, Evan Adeny also shares how the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis has been a catalyst in DeePsy’s development, offering not only institutional support but also an environment conducive to innovation.

Discover how this startup, backed by renowned academic and institutional partners, is preparing to take new steps in its development, including through fundraising and commercial expansion projects.

Our interview with Evan Adeny, the founder and CEO of DeePsy.

What is the journey of your startup DeePsy?

The story of DeePsy is closely linked to my academic background. I have a degree in social and occupational psychology, fields that have always fascinated me.

The idea was born during my studies in psychology, specifically during a research internship.

What really catalyzed the creation of DeePsy was my desire to innovate by using scientific advancements and academic research to have an impact beyond academia alone.

I have always been fascinated by the possibility of applying scientific knowledge to concrete societal problems. This is how DeePsy was born, with the ambition to develop a new method of psychological assessment. This method serves as an alternative to traditional self-reported questionnaires.

In terms of timeline, the research phase began in 2019, and I took a major step by establishing the company as a SAS at the end of 2022. Today, we are a team of three people.

We have been supported by numerous partners who have played a crucial role in our development. Among them are Pépite PACA-Est, Live for Good, and the Provence Côte d’Azur Incubator. These organizations have helped us at various levels, whether in terms of funding or mentorship.

The Nice Psychology Laboratory (LAPCOS) is an essential academic partner for us to contribute to the scientific rigor of our products.

There is also French Tech Côte d’Azur, which represents a dynamic and stimulating ecosystem for startups like ours. Finally, we received a grant from Bpifrance, which has been very useful for our R&D.

These partners have been pillars in our growth and will continue, I hope, to play a role in our future successes.

What are the strengths and specificities of your offer?

Our offer is quite versatile and mainly targets two types of clients.

On one hand, we have solutions for the recruitment sector, where we help companies evaluate candidates’ soft skills through personality tests.

On the other hand, we also focus on mental health prevention by providing tests that measure aspects such as anxiety or burnout.

What really distinguishes our platform is the innovative technology on which it is built. We have developed a psychological assessment method that is both engaging and challenging, which not only increases user engagement but also the accuracy of the results.

The user experience is also a major asset of our offer.

At the end of each test, we provide a detailed report that can be useful to both candidates and recruiters. This report is very comprehensive, ranging from scores to implications at work, as well as indications on personality. For those who use our tests in a mental health context, the report also provides useful resources and numbers to call in case of need.

In summary, our solutions are designed to be real decision-making tools in recruitment and a prevention tool in mental health. It is accessible via a SaaS platform, making it easily accessible to a wide audience.

It is possible to have a preview of some of our tests from our website.

Your company is based in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. What are the advantages of this location for DeePsy?

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis offers an extremely favorable ecosystem for startups like ours. First, there is a real institutional effort to facilitate access for student entrepreneurs, as demonstrated by the recent partnership between Côte d’Azur University and the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, which allowed us to integrate quality premises at a reduced cost. This creates a very pleasant environment for us.

Next, the metropolis is a real melting pot for innovation. We are surrounded by other startups and dynamic ecosystems within the Innovation Hub of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. This proximity breaks the loneliness of the entrepreneur and allows us to create links with other companies, which is invaluable.

I am also very attached to the exceptional quality of life that the region offers. I think it is a major asset to attract talent. The Côte d’azur has everything to please: a pleasant climate, great attractiveness, and rapid development, especially in the Nice Meridia urban metropolis and the Grand Arenas international business district.

Finally, there is a real desire on the part of local institutions to promote the territory and its players, which is beneficial for attracting investors and new companies.

What are your development projects for DeePsy?

Our development projects are multiple and quite ambitious. First, we are considering welcoming new associates.

I am open to the idea of integrating investors, whether they are operational or less operational. I am convinced that the combination of technology and behavioral sciences has enormous potential. Having more experienced associates could be very beneficial for us as a young startup.

Next, on the financial side, we are considering a fundraising round in the coming year. The funds would be used to strengthen both our R&D and our commercial side. So far, we have benefited from grants that were mainly earmarked for R&D, but we need more investment in the commercial field.

We are currently working on marketing and the creation of scientific popularization content to increase the visibility of our brand.

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