Microalgae: €2M Fundraising for Inalve

Inalve Nice Cote dAzur Metropolis

Simultaneously a deeptech, cleantech, agritech, bluetech, and biotech company, Inalve, based in Nice, is an innovative industrial startup leading in the production of microalgae on biofilm.

Its patented technology already represents an ecological and sustainable alternative to meet the specific needs of aquaculture and animal feed.

As announced during our April 2023 interview, Inalve has finalized a €2M fundraising round to accelerate the transition of aquaculture towards a more sustainable industry. Inalve cultivates microalgae and markets them alive as aquaculture feed.

The round was led by Seventure Partners’ Blue Forward FundTM (France). Existing investors, including Kreaxi and Angelor, also participated.

Based in Nice on Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, Inalve has developed a unique exclusive process for cultivating microalgae on rotating conveyors, using minimal water, maximizing light exposure, and reducing the contribution to climate change compared to traditional cultivation systems.

The company aims to build a high-performing microalgae industry by combining economic, environmental, and social impacts.

“We are very pleased with the investment of the Blue Forward FundTM in Inalve. This partnership, rooted in shared values and ambitions for the planet and its inhabitants, marks a key milestone in Inalve’s journey. It provides substantial support for our future growth, both financially and operationally, and strengthens confidence in our company. We are embarking on a long-term partnership that will accelerate and amplify our impact,” says Véronique RAOUL, President of Inalve. “Thanks to our innovative process, our goal is to produce microalgae in large volumes, with consistent quality, improved nutritional characteristics, continuous supply, at a competitive price, while significantly reducing the environmental footprint of microalgae production.”

Microalgae, rich in nutrients and proteins, have the potential to address many global challenges. Among them: providing sufficient healthy food for all, capturing CO2, treating wastewater, producing pharmaceutical molecules, biofuels, and bioplastics.

Inalve has chosen to prioritize the need for healthy food for all while preserving ecosystems. As the world population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, sustainable food sources are crucial. Aquaculture, a sector highlighted by the FAO for its potential to sustainably ensure food security, needs effective solutions to feed larvae that naturally consume microalgae in the wild.

Inalve has chosen to focus its energy on the very first step of the aquaculture chain, as it is a key step to significantly improve the performance of aquaculture, and thus increase the volume and quality of the food supply while reducing reliance on fishing and preserving ocean biodiversity.

Inalve’s innovative process both cultivates microalgae while preserving natural resources and allows for the cost-effective marketing of a unique product: concentrated live microalgae, rich in health ingredients. This not only improves the productivity of aquaculture hatcheries (survival rates, growth speed, reproduction rates, stress resistance, etc.) but also simplifies logistics, strengthens the biosecurity of farms, and guarantees consumers the naturalness of the food chain.

Outcome: better economic performance, secure supply chains, ecosystem preservation, and increased naturalness.

Isabelle de Cremoux, President of the Executive Board of Seventure Partners, states: “In aquaculture, mass production of larvae and juveniles in optimal nutritional and sanitary conditions is one of the most important factors for success. As a pioneer in the commercialization of live microalgae, we believe Inalve is perfectly positioned to support the aquaculture transition and provide a sustainable protein source while preserving our ocean ecosystems. We are delighted to support Inalve’s management in its approach to improving aquaculture performance.”

Contact: Véronique RAOUL, CEO


Inalve website

Cleantech News – Nice Côte d’Azur France

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