Inalve named “EU Blue Champion” for its innovation in the blue economy sector

inalve eu blue champion
  1. European distinction: Inalve has received the title of “EU Blue Champion” by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank, thus validating its major contribution to environmental innovation.
  2. Cutting-edge technology: The company is developing a patented method for the cultivation of microalgae that optimizes the use of natural resources while minimizing the ecological impact.
  3. Significant financial support: Inalve has raised 4.7 million euros to support its expansion and strengthen its impact in the blue economy.

The European Commission and the European Investment Bank have designated 20 “EU Blue Champions”, including the Nice-based startup Inlave, who will benefit from consultative support to develop their business, in sectors ranging from tidal and wind energy to satellite technologies for the blue economy.

Selected after a rigorous evaluation, these champions, from ten European countries, have proven their technological and financial maturity, aligned with the EU’s mission to restore our oceans and waters.

European recognition and environmental commitment

Inalve, based in Nice, stands out on the European scene with its selection as an “EU Blue Champion”, a recognition of its innovation and contribution to the EU’s mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters”.

This initiative highlights Inalve’s alignment with the objectives of restoring marine ecosystems, eliminating pollution, and decarbonizing the blue economy.

The company illustrates how industrial commitment can coexist with ambitious ecological objectives, thus offering a path towards a greener industry.

Technological advances in microalgae production

The heart of Inalve’s innovation lies in a patented technology that revolutionizes the cultivation of microalgae.

Using rotating conveyors, this method significantly reduces water consumption and maximizes exposure to light, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

This technology not only provides a sustainable source of food for aquaculture but also directly addresses major environmental challenges by offering a viable alternative to intensive agricultural practices.

Financial consolidation for sustainable growth

Inalve has secured financing of 4.7 million euros to stimulate its industrial development, with the operation co-led by the Blue Forward Fund™ of Seventure Partners and the PSIM fund of Bpifrance.

This financing aims to optimize the production process while reconciling productivity, profitability, and the reduction of the environmental impact.

The Nice-based startup intends to thus prepare for the large-scale industrialization of its innovative process.

This financial support underscores the investors’ confidence in Inalve’s disruptive potential in the microalgae market.

Inalve, through its innovative leadership and technological advances, strengthens its role as a pioneer in the blue economy. With the continued support of institutional and financial partners, the company is ideally positioned to shape a future where sustainability and economic profitability go hand in hand in respect of marine ecosystems.

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