Attracting Investment: Team Cote d’Azur’s 2014 results

The report on the investment decisions guided by Team Cote d’Azur in 2014 highlights the attractiveness of the region to investors from France and abroad in its technology and service sectors.

In 2014, Team Cote d’Azur facilitated 31 investment decisions, creating 450 jobs:

  • 31 decisions to implant companies and establish site extensions originating from 10 countries were facilitated by Team Cote d’Azur, making for one of the best recorded results since 2007.
  • 450 jobs are planned in three years within the framework of these implantation decisions: The number of expected jobs is set back slightly by the fact that decision-makers tend to be cautious in their predictions and sometimes underestimate future growth.
  • The locations of these new implantations are split between Metropolitan Nice Cote d’Azur — which holds the majority for the first time with 18 investment decisions, highlighting the dynamism of the Eco-Vallée – and Sophia Antipolis (10), Grasse (2), and Cannes (1).

Graphic 1 : Number of investments obtained in the last 8 years. Graphic 2: Number of jobs generated directly

Broken down by sector, the IT and service industries represent 87% of the decisions:

  • Comprising close to 45% of the decisions, the service sector is particularly well represented, notably aeronautical services resulting from tourism and training operations.
  • The information technology sector represents a third of this year’s projects and jobs.
  • Greentech and the health and life sciences sectors are positioning 3 and 4 projects, respectively, in domains with high-tech components: Kinetic energy, optics, fiber optics, e-health, medical devices, and dermo-cosmetics.

Graphic 1: Breakdown of investments by sector.                   Graphic 2: Breakdown of employment by sector


R&D functions and business services each represent a quarter of new investments and jobs. The rest is split between decision-making centers, services to individuals, and commercial offices. Production functions are equally represented this year, accounting for 10% of employment generated.

Graphic 1: Typology of implantations                                 Graphic 2: Typology of implantations by number of jobs


Geographically, the year 2014 is marked by the renewed importance of European and American investments in the French Riviera.

  • Europe, in particular the Nordic countries but also Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and Southern Europe (Spain) represent 32% of projects and 39% of jobs.
  • France is the origin of 40-45% of investment decisions facilitated by Team Cote d’Azur.
  • The United States, minimally present in the 2013 results, is also on the return with 6 implantations.
  • China and Mauritius complete the table with two investment decisions.

These FDI decisions confirm the attractiveness of the French Riviera abroad, with 18 new foreign implantations and 270 jobs in 2014.

Graphic 1: Geographical origin of investments               Graphic 2: Geographical origin by number of jobs

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