Two researchers from the Côte d’Azur awarded the CNRS Silver Medal 2023

Laure blanc Féraud Photo © Université Côte d’Azur
Jean-Paul Ampuero : © Magalie-Collin-Dieudonné

Two scientists from the Côte d’Azur have been awarded the prestigious CNRS Silver Medal of Talents 2023.

Jean-Paul Ampuero, Director of Research at IRD in Geoazur (CNRS/IRD/OCA/UCA), and Laure Blanc-Feraud, director of Research at CNRS in the Laboratory of Computer Science, Signals and Systems of Sophia Antipolis – I3S. (CNRS/UCA – Morpheme Team I3S/INRIA/UBV) were honored for their exceptional contribution and originality in their respective research fields, recognized at the national and international level.

Jean-Paul Ampuero is an internationally renowned seismologist, whose work is considered revolutionary in his field.

His creativity, rigor, and implications have been recognized with several national and international distinctions. He has revolutionized our understanding of seismic rupture through his innovative research, which provides a theoretical foundation on the subject.

In addition, he has developed an innovative method of imaging large earthquakes and made a significant contribution to solving the problem of seismicity induced by human activity. He highlighted the need to integrate dynamic rupture modeling and shed light on the mechanisms that halt earthquakes.

His recent work on distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) in seismology has also established rigorous mathematical foundations for data processing and interpretation in this emerging field.

Find the CNRS article dedicated to Jean-Paul Ampuero at this link:

Laure Blanc-Feraud is a renowned scientist in the field of digital image processing, particularly in satellite and biological imaging.

She has developed innovative variational methods to obtain precise images. She is the originator of the blind deconvolution algorithm used for satellite image deblurring, developed on behalf of CNES.

In addition, she contributed to the creation of a prototype of optical super-resolution microscope, which surpassed the diffraction limit, thanks to her innovative reconstruction algorithm.

Laure Blanc-Feraud continues her research by utilizing artificial intelligence to exploit data and further improve image resolution.

Find the interview conducted by CNRS Côte d’Azur

This prestigious award highlights the excellence of research in the French Riviera region and the significance of fundamental research for our society.

Source : CNRS Côte d’Azur

Higher Education & Research – Nice Côte d’Azur

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