Team Côte d’Azur Welcomes Talents: New Exchange Program with Eccles Business School, Utah

For the first time, Eccles Business School in partnership with Team Côte d’Azur have launched a four-month education exchange program starting from May in Nice.

This prestigious AACSB accredited American university, whose Business Administration Master of science is ranked among the top 10 in the United States, is synonymous with “doing”. The Eccles experience provides a world-class business education with a unique, entrepreneurial focus on real-world scenarios where students put what they learn into practice long before graduation. Team Côte d’Azur, key player in charge of promoting business activities in Côte d’Azur in French and international markets, has played a great part in strengthening this leading year-old economic and academic partnership with the state of Utah. The agency has also made a significant contribution in attracting and making international talents and local stakeholders (such as UCA – University of Côte d’Azur – and prestigious companies) available for this academic exchange program.

During this Summer Bootcamp, the twenty participating students from Eccles Business School will attend entrepreneurship courses taught by teachers from the University of Utah in the premises of the University of Nice. As of July, students will join a local company to complete a two-months internship related to their field of study (Finance, BA, Information Systems, Marketing…).

Eccles Business School currently offers a wide range of notorious global education programs, including South Korea and Santiago, Chile. This year, the University has selected Nice to expand its network in France. Seen as a very attractive partner in terms of infrastructures, connectivity, life quality and education, the city of Nice – and Côte d’Azur at large – met all of the criteria to encourage the University of Utah to suggest this latest destination to its students. The latter are delighted with this unique partnership and interesting local opportunities open to them.

« So far, students and teachers are very happy to be in Nice and satisfied with the facilities made available to them. The city of Nice fulfills all of our University’s requirements to launch a new international exchange program (beautiful region, high education level, many business opportunities, sound tourism offer and developed infrastructures…). For the four coming months, our students’ agenda will be split between entrepreneurship courses and internships in renown local companies. It is also important to us that they discover Côte d’Azur during their free time. Hence, we have arranged special slots intended for this purpose », specifies Cesar Sanchez, Associate Director of Eccles Business School.

Most of the participating students are aiming at creating their own companies or working in the tech field after graduating. They will therefore have the chance to benefit from all of the involved advantages offered by the Azurean territory. Thanks to Team Côte d’Azur, they will be exposed to a dynamic environment focused on entrepreneurship, research, innovation and training talents. Overall, this unique formative experience will assuredly provide them with opportunities in terms of recruitment or new business creation in the Côte d’Azur area.

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