Special Jury Prize – Trophies for new arrivals Côte d’Azur 2011 : ARWE

1. Could you please describe your activity?

Arwe Service France S.A.S. regards itself as a premium service partner for airports and car rental companies benefiting from the measurable economic advantages arising from our innovative system solutions.

Our patented car rental centre business model is based on the approach of centrally bundling the entire turnaround process for all car rental companies and to coordinate and synchronise the control of all work steps. This opens up sustainable economic advantages for the car rental companies, while maintaining supreme quality and faster re-rental capability of their vehicles. The car rental customer experiences a high level of convenience in the car rental centre; he/she finds orientation much easier and has short routes to the terminal.


Due to its innovation capability and qualitative reliability, our company has acquired a recognised position on the market. In 1992, arwe planned the first car rental centre at Munich airport and put it into operation, thus establishing a business model on the market that is valid to this day. Further large car rental centres have also been put into operation by arwe, e.g. at Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf airports. The new car rental centre at Berlin airport will start operations around the middle of 2012. Today we are the market leader in the planning, construction and operation of car rental centres and achieve an annual total of 2.5 million turnarounds in Europe.


With our subsidiary arwe Service France S.A.S. we planned the car rental centre in Nice, accompanied its construction phase and started operations in the first construction stage in March 2009.


We perform our entire range of services at the Nice location from the acceptance of the vehicles over top-quality care through to bringing the vehicles to their defined position for the car rental companies AVIS, EUROPCAR, HERTZ and SIXT.


With a team of about 130 employees we perform our services seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. – 365 days a year.


Our investments amount to approx. 1.9 m. EUR and were used for state-of-the-art washing and cleaning technology, security systems, digital data acquisition and processing technology as well as for extensive occupational safety measures.


2. What differences does your company offer? What are your technology advantages?


We are the European market leader in the planning, construction and operation of car rental centres. For over 20 years, European airports and car rental companies have placed their trust in arwe. We have already been able to realise our patented car rental centre business model at our locations in Nice and at all major German airports.


Arwe has its own architects for planning and construction, who specialise in car rental centres and the associated technological installations. Arwe plans complete car rental centres and accompanies them during the construction phase including all construction and environment-related approval procedures.


Our car rental centres are operated by experienced employees who are well acquainted with the procedures and the requirements of our customers. We train our employees regularly and consistently, aiming at the achievement of our joint goals of a high level of customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency.


We are the leading innovators in turnaround management and have developed numerous trend-setting process improvements:


  • the first automatic tyre pressure and tread depth measurement on the running vehicle to increase safety in the car rental process


  • the first digital data acquisition with damage identification for comprehensively documented acceptance of the vehicles in the check-in procedure


  • the first automatically controlled interior cleaning belts in the re-conditioning department for efficient vehicle cleaning


  • the first pneumatic post system for the fast transport of vehicle keys and documents

We use state-of-the-art technology and adapt it on site to the respective requirements in close cooperation with our customers. Our documentation programs are compatible with the control systems of our customers and enable a high degree of transparency and traceability of the entire processes.


3. What are the reasons for your implementation on the airport Nice Côte d’Azur ?  What are the specifics of the airport platform for your business?


The Nice car rental centre is the first of its kind in France. We deliberately decided to establish our business model in France. Due to its high demands on customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency of services, France is a challenge for arwe. At the same time the open attitude of its people towards new and innovative business models forms an excellent foundation for sustainable growth.


Nice is one of the airports with the highest volumes in France and is therefore one of the major priorities for car rental companies due to its significance on the French market.


4. How does your company fit into the chain of value of the car rental business?


Our patented car rental centre concept enables the car rental companies to concentrate on their core competency – the renting and marketing of rented vehicles. Our turnaround process provides on-site coverage of all vehicle handling operations and also comprises preliminary and subsequent stages in the value creation process. It starts with customer contact during the return of the vehicles and ends with the provision of the cleaned and, if necessary, repaired vehicle for further rental.


We have a high degree of responsibility towards the car rental companies, not only with regard to the material value of the vehicles entrusted to us, but also with regard to approaching car rental customers. As the car rental customer does not differentiate between the car rental company and the service provider, our appearance and service make a substantial contribution to the impression the car rental customer gains of our customer.


5. How has the Côte d’Azur Team helped you in your implementation?

The Côte d’Azur Team, in particular Mr. Serge Lambert, was always available for inquiries or information and helped arwe in creating an important on-site network, from which we have been able to benefit in many cases.



6 .What are the skills you are looking for in the area, are recruitments in progress? 

The development of the car rental centre in Nice is extremely positive; the car rental companies are increasing the size of their fleet and the coming high season will additionally add to the utilisation frequency of this location.


This also leads to a growth in our personnel needs, which we will cover with new recruitments. The car rental centre in Nice has very quickly developed into one of the most attractive employers in the region and is considered to be the largest regional employer in the sector of service provision.


Our criteria for the employment of motivated and committed personnel are:


  • Interest and enthusiasm in dealing with people
  • Friendly and open attitude
  • Well-groomed appearance
  • Reliability and a distinct team spirit
  • Flexibility in working hours due to multiple-shift operation
  • Bilingual or trilingual skills for the check-in area
  • Driving licence, readiness to take on responsibility and to act as a good example

7.What are your projects for growth and development?


  • Adaptation to the car rental model in Nice and other airports in France together with our customers
  • Consultation and project planning of car rental centres at other major European airports

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