Pearl Partner sets its Business Center in Sophia Antipolis

Pearl Partner chose to invest in the Côte d’Azur by opening a brand new Business Center in the Sophia Antipolis science park. Team Côte d’Azur helped Hubert Terrier through  this strategic investment on the French Riviera.

What does Pearl Partner offer ?

Pearl Partner’s activities consist of a business center as well as domiciliation buildings in Sophia Antipolis. Our aim is to facilitate the establishment and prosperity of enterprises in the region by providing infrastructure, services and the advice they need to develop.

We have 1000 m2 of fully furnished and equipped offices that are connected and secure. We are located in the “Aqueducs” building, the 1st smart building in Sophia Antipolis. It’s a building operating with positive energy and plenty of parking spaces.

Our offer is extended to all company sizes, who wish to have immediate operational office space, regardless of all the logistics and without committing to a time and/or excessive surfaces. Everything is flexible and adjustable to the changes in the size of our customers. We also offer shared services such as visitor reception, telephone switchboards, mail management, a cafeteria and wifi. All of these are included in contracts of services that we offer. One contract, one monthly bill.

How is this new investment in Sophia Antipolis strategic for your company ?

This implantation is the first stage in our development since begining our activity in July 2016. Our goal is to exploit the entire 1000 m2 of offices, coworking space and then expand our area to the entire building in which we operate. We will then have 1500 m2 by the end of 2017.

We believe that the area is adequate to meet the demands of the local market, as well as the older saturated areas, thereby achieving economic equilibrium of the company given the resources and equipment available to our customers.

Why choose to invest in the Côte d’Azur ?

The choice to locate on the French Riviera is guided by both personal and professional motivations.

Personally, my wife and I fell in love with the area and we settled on the Côte d’Azur in 2011. I lead at the time an engineering and consulting company with headquarters located in the Paris region. Life choices then required me to take the Nice-Orly shuttle every week, as do many residents of the French Riviera.

Professional motivations took place over several stages. I first created a regional agency of the engineering company I led in 2013, and we are based in Sophia Antipolis. That’s when I established the first relations with CCI and Team Côte d’Azur.

What support do you get from Team Côte d’Azur ?

Team Côte d’Azur has immediately been very good. Exchanges with Christophe Perez and his team have given the information and advice I needed to make my first strategic choices here.

It also allowed me to meet many economic players in the region, who can quickly turn into partners or customers. This is essential when starting a business in an environment that is not well known.

It is through these bases that we were able to grow locally, until we were bought out by one of our big competitors in mid 2015. I then accompanied the integration of this consulting company in the new group until December of 2015, after which I sold my shares. It is on this basis that I created Pearl Partner in early 2016, linking me to the professional business centers sector and investing in office property.

What are the development prospects of Pearl Partner ?

Our development prospects are quite good because we already have 11 clients under contract after only 2 months of operating, including 8 resident companies. We are of course very grateful that they were the first to have confidence in us, even sometime before our facilities were fully established and operational.

Our occupancy rate is now around 35%, of the 1000 m2 usable office space, and we hope to reach 80% before summer 2017, which would allow us to expand on the 3rd level to access our critical mass.

We plan to establish parallel consulting services to our clients to help them in their development and enable them to focus on the heart of their business. We are gathering and referencing experts in different fields such as law, accounting, finance, human resources, IT and communication. Many specialties whose companies may need to optimize their development.

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