Nice Côte d’Azur: Oghji and O-Kidia shine in the i-Nov Innovation Contest

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Key facts:

• National recognition: Oghji and O-Kidia, two innovative companies based in Nice, stand out among the 42 winners of the 11th edition of the i-Nov innovation contest, organized by France 2030.
• Substantial funding: With a total financial support of €43.4 million for all the projects, Oghji and O-Kidia receive €1.2 million and €747,820 respectively to bring their innovations to life.
• Sectors of the future: These companies showcase Nice’s excellence in key areas for the future economic and ecological landscape, ranging from smart buildings to artificial intelligence applied to youth mental health.

The 11th wave of the i-Nov innovation contest, part of the France 2030 investment plan for a green and innovative industry, has highlighted two gems of Nice’s technology scene: Oghji and O-Kidia. This recognition underscores the excellence and potential of these companies in their respective sectors, while aligning with a broader initiative to support technological innovation and the decarbonization of the French economy.

Oghji: Reinventing Energy in Sustainable Buildings and Cities

Oghji stands out for its development of the first smart electrical panel, a major innovation for the sustainable buildings and cities sector. This Nice-based company offers an all-in-one solution to optimize electrical flows and promote energy savings. With a €1.2 million funding, Oghji aims to transform our approach to energy consumption, making infrastructures smarter and more eco-friendly.

Oghji’s digital, connected, and eco-responsible electrical panel recently succeeded in two rounds of funding and will participate in Viva Technology 2024 on the stand of the Sud region.

O-Kidia: AI for Youth Mental Health

In the health sector, O-Kidia is making its mark with Spectrum Mind®, an innovative platform that combines biomedical artificial intelligence and clinical knowledge for a more objective and systematic assessment of neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders in children and adolescents. This project, supported with a €747,820 funding, aims to facilitate the patient journey and the practice of healthcare professionals, representing a significant advance in the diagnosis and monitoring of young patients.

In May 2023, O-Kidia was a winner of the mental health innovation acceleration program.

A Vision for the Future and Economic Sovereignty

These achievements are part of a broader strategy to strengthen France’s economic sovereignty through innovation and ecological transition. The i-Nov contest, by supporting companies like Oghji and O-Kidia, demonstrates the government’s commitment to nurturing promising innovations that align with the objectives of decarbonization and digital transformation of the economy.

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