KeyQuant, the asset management company, settles on the Côte d’Azur

Created in 2009, KEYQUANT is an asset management company. Raphaël Gelrubin, founding partner, talks about the company, its growth and its choice to set up on the Côte d’Azur, in Sophia Antipolis.

Can you tell us about your business?

KeyQuant is an asset management company based in Paris (Headquarters). We develop quantitative and systematic investment models. More than half of the company is dedicated to research, offering our investors returns uncorrelated over the long-run to traditional markets. Our investor base is situated mainly outside of France (US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, and the Nordics).

Why did you choose the Côte d’Azur?

Our network in France helped us fill a much-needed mandate: To locate and hire a team of skilled software developers. KeyQuant is nimble, opportunist and focus on people talent. In this sector, companies have to be appealing to potential recruits. With offices located near Sophia Antipolis, we offer a flexible and productive work environment.

What particular support have you received from Team Côte d’Azur while choosing a location and setting up?

As soon as we arrived, Team Côte d’Azur contacted us to make us aware of their services for our upcoming development. It is comforting and very reassuring to receive support from an economic institution which is heavily implicated in the development of local businesses.

What are your projects and objectives for the coming year?

We will continue expanding our teams in both Sophia Antipolis and Paris. Our offices in Sophia Antipolis are an extension of the main Paris office. Aside from certain regulatory functions related to being an asset management company, we wish to offer KeyQuant employees the flexibility of being able to work from both of our offices.

Raphaël Gelrubin, founding partner of KeyQuant

Headquarters: Paris | 2nd office : Sophia Antipolis 

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