Elsys Design, which specialises in electronic system design, is set to recruit 150 electronic or computer engineers in 2015 for its offices in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon, Sophia Antipolis, Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse. 20 to 30 positions are planned on the Sophia Antipolis site.
ELSYS Design devises and designs the electronic systems of the future.  A preferred partner of many national and international companies, ELSYS Design supports their projects in the fields of electronics, software and embedded systems.
Throughout 2015, ELSYS Design will continue to strengthen its teams with passionate engineers who want to rise to technical challenges alongside leading manufacturers in various sectors including aeronautics, automotive, defence, energy, rail, medical, multimedia, semi-conductors, space and telecoms.

Elsys Design mainly recruits design engineers, development engineers, architects, experts and project managers. Their field of expertise is electronics, software and embedded systems.

About ELSYS Design

ELSYS Design has offices in 8 cities in France as well as in Serbia. Founded and managed by engineers, ELSYS Design is a subsidiary of the ADVANS GROUP, which brings together companies with expertise in electronic systems, application software and mechanics. ADVANS GROUP employs a thousand engineers and has a turnover of €75M.


About Sophia Antipolis

Over 3000 jobs were created in 2013 and 2014 on the Sophia Antipolis science park, mainly in R&D activities or those with a strong technology content. For more information about Sophia Antipolis.