Connected Health & Silver Economy at Innovative City Conference

Innovative City, the international conference dedicated to the development of Smart Cities, is slowly releasing the program for this year’s conference June 16 and 17, 2016. Two prominent themes of this years conference will be connected health and the Silver Economy. There will be several discussions and demonstrations about these themes given by experts and representatives of local Côte d’Azur HealthTech start-ups such as Nively, DV Santé, Exact Cure, Accelis and Fettle.

These themes echo the Côte d’Azur’s desire to become the health hub of Europe by the year 2020 (see our article). The quality of the clinical testing and research in the Living Sciences have been recognized as the second best in France (CHU Nice). The region is not content with that ranking and is working to become a “European health city” (Cité Européenne de la Santé) and just last September unveiled its new “Living Lab.”

“Connected Patient” Conference — Friday June 17 from 2:00-3:15; Chagall Room

► The city serving its citizens

Demonstration of the “Metropollen” application, developed by the Métropole in partnership with Veolia to detect pollen levels and help reduce allergic emergencies and hospitalisations.

Prof. Véronique Paquis: Deputy Mayor of Nice in charge of environment issues and research at the University, councilwoman, President of Environmental Board and Board of Higher Education and Research in the Nice Métropole, medical genetics professor at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Philippe Maillard: Project Manager at Veolia

► Hospital care and following up with patients at their homes

Coordinating at-home services and medical data between the city and hospitals.

Malik Albert: Assistant director at the Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice

Emmanuel Sierra: CEO and cofounder of DV Santé

ORANGE: To be confirmed

► Tracking and monitoring people in rest homes

Continuous risk assessment to help prevent accidents.

Giuseppe Conti: CTO and Founder at Nively

► Creating digital twins for patients

Modeling with a virtual patient to test new medication.

Frédéric Dayan: Exact Cure project owner

“The Challenge of Aging Well” Conference — Friday June 17 from 3:30-4:45; Chagall Room

► Improving life expectancy for everyone, including senior citizens

Serge Guerin: Sociologist, specialist in “seniorisation” of society

► Smart Habitat

Hub of neighborhoods and connected apartments — An innovative assemblage in response to the needs of an aging demographic, to help maintain the autonomy of senior citizens and avoid over-reliance on the medical field to care for these aging members of society.

Philippe Jourdain: President of the “Chabris-Pays de Bazelle” federation of municipalities, and Mayor of the newly create Val-Fouzon municipality. – A Vision

Denis Maurer: President of Vestae (Nice) – A concept

David Chassouant: South-East Regional Director of Schneider Electric – A Solution : The friendly apartment

► Digital medicine

Organisation scaled to the city or the territory. Medical collaboration: promising new results in improving the quality and availability of telemedicine in the developing Silver Economy.

Christian Caubet: Télésante Project Director, The Association for Sanitation and Telehealth Collaboration in Aquitaine : Presenting the success of telemedicine in Aquitaine

Patrick Mallea: Director of Strategy, Innovation and Major Accounts – Accelis (Sophia Antipolis)

► Aging comfortably

How to age happily

Maggy Guyot: Associate Director – Studio Fettle (Nice): Active Ageing, Safety Solutions connected health in my city

Guillaume Mathieu: President Cityzen Mobility (Paris): custom transportation to stay active and independent.


► To meet us at Innovative City  use the code TEAMCITY16 and get a free pass “Exhibition + conference”

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