Blue Innovation Challenge: Supporting Innovation in Marine Space Protection


The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis has made the blue economy and coastal protection one of its priorities and has placed new technologies and innovation at the heart of its ambitious policy in this area. The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area is launching the third edition of the “Blue Innovation Challenge” call for projects for the […]

Nice-based Blue Tech Startup Inalve Joins bpifrance’s Néo Industrial Startups Accelerator

La blue tech niçoise Inalve rejoint l’Accélérateur Néo Startups industrielles de bpifrance

Key Highlights: bpifrance launches the 4th promotion of the Néo Industrial Startups Accelerator to support twelve startups in their industrialization phase, aiming to open 100 new factories per year by 2025. Inalve, based in Nice, stands out among the selected startups due to its revolutionary approach to animal feed, highlighting the importance of sustainable innovation […]

Nice Côte d’Azur: Oghji and O-Kidia shine in the i-Nov Innovation Contest

concours inov oghji okidia

Key facts: • National recognition: Oghji and O-Kidia, two innovative companies based in Nice, stand out among the 42 winners of the 11th edition of the i-Nov innovation contest, organized by France 2030.• Substantial funding: With a total financial support of €43.4 million for all the projects, Oghji and O-Kidia receive €1.2 million and €747,820 […]

Ecological Data Centers: Presents Its Data Green Solution

data green netsooon ai data center ecologiques

Key Highlights:, a deeptech startup from Nice specializing in AI, presents Data Green, an innovative solution for ecological data centers. The company was supported by Team Nice Côte d’Azur for its implementation. The technology, benefiting from the support of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, Rising Sud, the Sud Region, and Team Nice Côte d’Azur, […]

Qualisteo announces strategic collaborations with Mercurial and Reeniu to improve energy efficiency in the industry.


Key Highlights: Qualisteo announces strategic collaborations with Mercurial and Reeniu to improve energy efficiency in the industry. Introduction of a multi-energy measurement system by Qualisteo for accurate monitoring of energy consumption. Partnership with Reeniu and referencing by Mercurial lead to significant energy savings, demonstrating Qualisteo’s impact in reducing industrial carbon footprint. Energy Strategies: Qualisteo’s Alliances […]

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis Accelerates Towards Sustainable Mobility

mobilité durable nice

Key Highlights: Continuation and funding of major sustainable transport projects, including the extension of tramway lines and the electrification of buses. Significant development of cycling infrastructure, aiming for a 10% modal share of cycling by 2026. Expansion of the electric vehicle charging network, with a goal surpassed two years ahead of the scheduled deadline. Ecological […]

Earthwake Redefines Plastic Waste Recycling

investincotedazur earthwake

With an exceptional fundraising and national recognition, Earthwake establishes itself as an indispensable player in cleantech. In a year marked by significant advances in environmental technologies, Earthwake, a startup based in Nice, stands out with remarkable successes. Between an impressive fundraising of 2.2 million euros and a round table of 750,000€ on Wiseed (Source Tribuca), […]

Microalgae: €2M Fundraising for Inalve

Inalve Metropole Nice Cote dAzur

Simultaneously a deeptech, cleantech, agritech, bluetech, and biotech company, Inalve, based in Nice, is an innovative industrial startup leading in the production of microalgae on biofilm. Its patented technology already represents an ecological and sustainable alternative to meet the specific needs of aquaculture and animal feed. As announced during our April 2023 interview, Inalve has […]