Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo

The Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo is taking place in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 21st – 23rd, 2019IMRA Europe in partnership with Team Côte d’Azur will provide great exposure to the “Smart Vehicle Côte d’Azur” initiative at this event. This leading European exhibition for advanced technologies in smart vehicle development gathers around 90 companies, showcasing essential building blocks and systems, including Artificial Intelligence learning and virtual environments, validation of autonomous systems, and more.

As institutional representative of the Automotive industry alongside with IMRA Europe, Team Côte d’Azur will also focus on prospecting high-level stakeholders to fulfill the value chain of new mobility solutions structured by the “Smart Vehicle Côte d’Azur” initiative. Launched in 2017, the latter aims at building and animating an efficient and innovative smart vehicle community, which plays a major part in the economic development and attractiveness of the Azurean territory.

During the event, IMRA Europe will introduce the following major innovations, which are currently being developed by its European Research Center in Sophia Antipolis:

  • The Pedestrian classification by LIDAR, a technology that reproduces the mechanisms of human perception based on object separation and silhouette classification
  • The « Scene Danger Ranking », which aims at better anticipating any dangerous situation while driving. This technology is required for smart vehicle deployment.

By introducing those leading technologies and following a multidisciplinary approach, IMRA Europe will look for industrial and R&D partners able to contribute to the development of such promising innovations.

Stand IMRA Europe – Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo

During the congress, participants will also have the chance to discover a wide range of technological breakthroughs dedicated to smart vehicles, such as:

  • Synthetic and virtual environments for training and developing autonomous vehicles and systems
  • AI training and machine learning
  • ADAS calibration
  • Deep learning systems
  • Algorithms and algorithm training
  • Sensor fusion

The event is co-located with the Automotive Testing Expo (World’s largest vehicle test and development technologies exhibition), the Engine Expo and the Automotive Interiors Expo. Visitors attending the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo will therefore have the chance to find out more about countless AV – ADAS validation systems and service providers


Launched end of 2017, the “Smart Vehicle Côte d’Azur” initiative brings together around seventy stakeholders from the Azurean territory, sharing the same goal: coordinating the emergence of an efficient and innovative smart vehicle community, which plays a major part in the economic development and attractiveness of the region. Startups, large firms, institutional and academic stakeholders come together to share their expertise and projects.
The steering committee includes IBM, Renault Software Labs, Magneti Marelli, NXP, epicnpoc, Bosch, la CASA, Sophia Club Entreprises & Team Côte d’Azur.

This initiative revolves around three main topics:

  • Mapping stakeholders to structure and animate a full value chain through regular local “GetTogether” sessions
  • Promoting the project on a national and international level to permanently position the Côte d’Azur region as a recognized “Smart Vehicle Valley”
  • Creating structured projects & experimentation spaces in the region to foster and test the deployment of new smart urban mobility projects 


IMRA Europe is a world leader in Research & Development of technology for the automotive industry. Since its creation in 1986 in the heart of Sophia Antipolis by the Japanese group Aisin, a Tier One worldwide automotive components supplier, the R&D center has developed innovative technologies contributing to humankind wellbeing and environmental protection in the automotive and energy sectors.

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