Testimonial Isabelle Leung, Huawei Technologies

“Huawei opened its first offices in France over ten years ago. Since then, the company has developed and today has a workforce of nearly 650 employees based in Boulogne Billancourt, Issy les Moulineaux and Lyon.

Sophia Antipolis is Huawei’s 4th largest office in terms of workforce. For Huawei, opening a facility in Sophia Antipolis was a major step in the development of the company’s R&D teams in France.

With Team Cote d’Azur’s support, Huawei opened an R&D centre in Sophia Antipolis in July 2013 and set up its first team. The primary purpose of the Sophia Antipolis team is to increase the competitiveness of Huawei smartphones, mainly by improving the quality and performance of the camera which has become one of the key elements of today’s smartphones. As the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of telephones, it was therefore natural to focus our R&D on the best characteristics of smartphones in one of the major centres for telephony.

Boasting an effective and world-renowned ecosystem (leading companies, technical experts, universities/engineering schools), Huawei is delighted to be part of this dynamic and helping to strengthen Sophia’s industrial fabric. The site should have 25 specialist R&D engineers by the end of the year and aims to become Huawei’s principal global centre of excellence in ISP (Image Signal Processor). This centre will focus on research and development and will therefore help to maintain and develop a real value-added expertise in the region.

In 2014, Huawei plans to develop its R&D teams in new fields such as future microelectronics production in Sophia, mathematics, connected objects and design. Our development policy is resolutely consistent with local organisations and we are convinced that the company’s cooperation with its ecosystem, whether made up of SMEs and start-ups or research laboratories and universities can create a positive energy, in turn creating value and jobs”.

Huawei in Sophia Antipolis:

Huawei opened an R&D centre in Sophia Antipolis in July 2013.

The site aims to become Huawei’s principal global centre of excellence in ISP (Image Signal Processor).

Isabelle LeungDirector Public Affairs & Communications – 2014Huawei Technologies

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