Robertet Group CEO, Philippe Maubert confirmed its intention, announced last February, to invest €6M in the construction of a new building in Grasse. This plant, which adds to the one costing 27 million euros opened in November 2011, will double the manufacturer’s powdered flavourings production.


The Robertet Group is one of the world leaders in the food flavourings, perfumery composition and natural raw materials sector. It employs over 1,500 people in its production, R&D and creation centres across 11 countries worldwide. Its 2012 turnover was almost 396 million euros (+6%), 85% of which came from the international business.


According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in 2012, the city of Grasse experienced an increase in its profits of more than 5 points due to the good health of the perfumery sector.  Grasse’s economy is based primarily on its cosmetic industry with the production of perfumes, pharmaceutical products and flavourings. The sector employs over 10,000 people across 250 local companies. In 2012, the industry experienced record profits of almost 2.6 billion euros, the highest for 12 years.


Credit Photo_© ASFO-GRASSE

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