As a new stage in its national development, Michael Page is setting up an office in Nice, in the Nice Arénas Business District in the centre of the French Riviera Eco-Valley. Can you tell us about your business? What are the specific characteristics of your company? In which business sectors do you work?

Nicolai Mikkelsen: Michael Page International recruits experienced permanent and temporary executives across all business sectors including Finance/Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Legal, Property/Construction, Information Systems, Banking/Insurance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Logistics, Distribution/Trade and even Engineering.

On the one hand our strength lies in the power of our network and on the other hand in the fact that all our consultants have come from the roles for which they are recruiting, thus offering our clients and candidates additional guarantees based on a shared culture and reference system. Finally, our solutions are tailored to each recruitment issue, whether they relate to size of a company, its specialisation or its environment. Why did you choose to develop your company in Nice?

Nicolai Mikkelsen: Of course, it was no accident that we set up an office in Nice! We were spurred on by several elements which were proof of economic momentum. Among these elements, the main ones were the Eco-Valley, focused on sustainable technologies and healthcare, the various ecosystems of the companies and the Arénas, the rapidly-growing business district. Finally, the presence of the international airport firmly cemented our choice. What role has Team Côte d’Azur played in your decision to open this office?

Nicolai Mikkelsen: Team Côte d’Azur perfectly understood the challenges of our development on the French Riviera.  The agency helped us to comprehend the development potential of the Nice Côte d’Azur region and the Côte d’Azur’s ecosystem as a business location which would match our activities. In fact, the Côte d’Azur set itself apart from other regions due to the significant presence of international companies and the large number of managerial positions. The Côte d’Azur is also a region that is able to attract and retain the international talents vital for companies’ development. What are your development prospects?

Nicolai Mikkelsen: The region has many development prospects; we quickly want to set up a team of experts in their respective fields. Although Michael Page already has a presence in the region for recruitment in the fields of Finance, Banking and Sales and Marketing roles, we are going to strengthen our office with specialist technical consultants who will be responsible for recruiting engineers, professionals in the property and construction sector and of course, being close to Sophia Antipolis, Information Systems.

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