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A first in Europe

Led by Christian Estrosi, Minister of Industry, Mayor of Nice, Chairman of the Nice Cote d’Azur
Urban Community,
the City of Nice will officially launch the “Nice City of contactless mobile” project that reinforces its position as a leader metropolis.

  • Nice, “City of Contactless Mobile”

As of May 21, 2010, Nice inhabitants will have acces to mobile phones and bank cards equipped with new NFC (Near Field Communication) generation, and a real “bouquet of services” for their daily lives.

  • Quick and easy gestures that make life easier

This “electronic wallet” will allow to pay in shops, to use public transportion, to access information at bus and tram stops, to get information in museums, cultural sites and historical monuments… gestures of daily life simplified by the “contactless” panel of services.

  • A bouquet of public services

The prospects offered by this technology are enormous for local public services, including health, assistance to elderly and disabled but also the economic development and tourism.

More information:

1.NFC “Smart Muse” mobile guide to be tested in Côte d’Azur’s capital city

The city of Nice and the Centre Pompidou in Paris have been selected as the two locations to carry out trials on Smart Muse, which could revolutionize classic museum tours by harnessing the latest NFC technology. Visitors will be able access contextualized content transmitted by their NFC Wave-Me™ portable guides during tours by simply skimming the machines over the surface of NFC tags.


2. BPass+ a rich bouquet of services to facilitate NFC mobile mobility

With BPass+ solution, the NFC mobile functionalities will be expanded to become a transportation pass, allow remote tickets purchase or subscriptions, and provide transit schedules in real time at bus stops.

3. An e-student multi-application card for academic year 2010

The Nice Future Campus project which is part of the “Nice City of Contactless Mobile” program, aims to create the first e-student multi-application card in Europe embedded in mobile phones. The project will benefit from 2 million euros investment.

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